Use IT to Fight Terror: PM

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 06, 2009

Prime minister Manmohan Singh said that besides maintaining
a large empirical data base, techniques such as structured analytic
methodologies are also required to convert the mass of information into
actionable intelligence. Applications such as Threat Assessment Modeling and
Artificial Neural Networks can be added to the existing analytic techniques.
Additional mechanisms like Three Dimensional Modeling of Critical
Infrastructure and Virtual Operations Centre can also prove useful in several
situations, he said.

The prime minister was talking at the inauguration the Chief
Ministers’ Conference on Internal Security in New Delhi, where he addressed the need of a
comprehensive approach towards countering terrorism acts including insurgency
in different parts of the country.

"Technology is empowering non-state actors across the
globe and it is necessary for us to come up with a comprehensive strategy that
combines the best of technological and human capabilities within the country to
defeat terrorism in all its manifestations," said he.

The terrorists are devising new techniques and employing new
skills. Use of the Internet and VOIP connectivity gives the terrorists greater
anonymity and makes detection difficult for the authorities. Calculating and
responding to security challenges of this nature is in itself a complex
exercise at the best of times.

To coordinate local level responses to terrorism, it will,
hence, be necessary to establish an elaborate information system at the state
as well as village, block and district level across the country. It will help
to collate all the available information which might have a bearing on a
potential terrorist situation.