User-built BI apps drive innovative decision-making

by Sharon Lobo    May 28, 2013

It has always been both imperative and challenging for businesses to leverage the humongous information available in order to stay ahead of the curve. While, Business Intelligence (BI) tools are designed to do just that, it is equally important to implement and utilise them in an effective manner.

In an exclusive video interview to CXOtoday, Phillip Beniac, Regional VP – APAC, QlikTech, explains the evolution of the BI landscape and how self-service BI is empowering business users by driving innovative decision-making.


1. How has the BI landscape in India evolved in the last few years? What are the key reasons? (00:07)

2. How can BI and big data work together to achieve business objectives? Is big data and BI still viewed in silos? (01:49)

3. What challenges do CIOs encounter when they are leveraging the potential of BI? How should they address it? (02:34)

4. How has mobile BI grown in the last few years? How does it help organizations in making decisions on the fly? (04:42)

5. Which industry verticals are front runners in embracing BI? What is the reason behind this trend? (06:10)

6. Could you elaborate on QlikTech’s plan for growth & expansion in the Indian market? (07:42)