Vaakya - Made in India

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 12, 2006

Bangalore based Vaakya Technologies has announced the launch of its technology platform and scripting language — ‘Vaakya’. It is meant to build, test and deploy enterprise software applications.

The company has also released the beta version of ‘Vaakya Business Application Framework’ based on Vaakya architecture.

The new release is an innovative, framework-based, software development and delivery environment, built completely in-house, over a period of three years. Its sole purpose is to simplify design, coding and delivery of enterprise software applications.

The first framework product built on Vaakya Distributed Computing Architecture, ‘Vaakya Business Application Framework’, provides a complete integrated suite of infrastructure and framework components. It includes an IDE, Database, Web application server, Graphics engine, Communications interface, and Client & Server components, all within a footprint of less than 1.5 MB.

The framework essentially reduces technical complexities of programming and simplifies coding, by providing built-in features like, automated transaction management, concurrency, memory management, built-in schema evolution, transaction history and GUI controls.

The cross platform framework currently runs on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD operating systems and can be used on Desktop PC’s, servers and handheld devices like PDA’s and mobile phones.

Vaakya Script, the descriptive scripting language used within the framework, enables application developers to create rich client software applications efficiently and fast, with minimum lines of coding.

It needs less resources and time to develop applications, and delivers applications on-premise or on-demand. It also offers faster time to market applications, and low TCO and high ROI.

The platform is focused particularly on software developers, ISV’s, SI’s and end user organizations.

It is an ideal platform to build transaction-oriented rich client software for consumer applications such as Retail, POS, Front office apps, etc; enterprise applications like ERP, MRP, CRM, SCM, etc, mobility applications like Offline or Online applications (with sync) and SMBs and large back-office applications.

K. Sudarsan, Director, Vaakya Technologies said, “Vaakya technology platform is lightweight, flexible and versatile. Built on ‘C’ language, Vaakya is an abstract embodiment of design and architectural patterns represented by a powerful runtime engine. It signifies a conceptually new approach and philosophy to software programming.”

A unique business and delivery model has also been adopted to deliver Vaakya Business Application Framework in an ‘On-Demand’ service subscription model.

The packaging and pricing modalities are still being worked on by the company and the framework is available in the website for free download.