Vasco Enhances Data Protection Keys

by CXOtoday Staff    Oct 21, 2008

Vasco a software security company specializing in authentication products announced Digipass Key1, its first USB-based PKI solution for strong authentication, digital signature and data protection which can be used with its Digipass CertiID. Digipass CertiID is a client-based software suite with digital signature capabilities.

Digipass Key1 with Digipass CertiID is a portable solution for authentication, access and secure transactions, offering the same capabilities as a smart card. The solution addresses growing and changing needs in authentication for large corporations, governments and banks by providing two factor strong authentications for secure web login, windows PKI login to the desktop, e-mail signature, e-mail encryption and secure VPN access and complies with European legal recommendations.

Digipass Key1 is a client-based software suite offering digital signature capabilities. Digipass CertiID software is a solution for authentication and digital signature, and uses PKI certificates and keys. Certificates and keys are managed on the smartcard or USB token when the user requests a certificate for the first time. These certificates and keys cannot be exported. Digipass CertiID supports multiple certificate authorities such as Verisign, Microsoft, Entrust, Cybertrust, and several logins like Web, Window, Citrix can be managed on a single device.

Overall benefits of using DigipassKey1 with Digipass CertilD include:

  • Strong authentication, secure access and secured transactions
  • One product for multiple supports
  • One product for multiple supports
  • Lower total cost of ownership