Vasco Launches License Protection for Online Fraud

by CXOtoday Staff    Apr 30, 2009

Vasco Data Security Inc., a software security company specializing in authentication products has launched DIGIPASS license protection for online application or Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors who are confronted with password or account sharing of their licensed solutions. The license Protection not only protects vendors from license fraud, it also protects the users of the online application from fraud through phishing, key loggers or man-in-the-middle attacks.

More and more business sectors look at the Internet to offer their goods. Computer users both in a leisure or business environment are increasingly using these online applications. Newspaper subscriptions, CRM, HRM, ERP, e-learning services, legal, marketing and real estate services, online gaming and gambling are more often consumed online. These services are not always free of charge; users often require a license to make use of the service. This results in companies buying a limited number of licenses and employees exchanging static passwords for the use of the licensed applications. These practices can impact the revenue stream and profitability of online application vendors.

Now vendors can protect themselves against the sharing of passwords, known as license fraud. DIGIPASS authentication links one user to one license. This way the vendor can ensure himself that only licensed users gain access to accounts that they are licensed for. Additionally the vendor can protect his revenue stream while differentiating himself from the competition: he is offering a solution which complies with the growing regulatory obligations for online security and he is protecting his end-users from online transaction fraud or data theft. 

Online applications have established themselves in today s business environments. With their increased popularity come a number of threats: licences are being shared by multiple users, resulting in revenue loss for vendors and data online is the target of hackers resulting in data theft and transaction fraud. Vasco has a longstanding experience in protecting transactions in online banking. With DIGIPASS License Protection we make our expertise available to other online solutions , says Jan Valcke, COO and President at Vasco Data Security.