Veritas Releases New Performance Tuner

by Ankush Sohoni    Nov 18, 2004

Veritas software announced today the completion of its beta testing program and the general availability of Veritas i3 version 7.0 (i3 v7) application management software.

The new version allows IT administrators to simultaneously compare performance and availability characteristics of complex applications over clusters and multiple instances to achieve service level agreement compliance.

i3 v7 claims to significantly enhance the productivity of IT administrators by providing them with tools to simplify and consolidate the management of complex applications and proactively drill down and resolve availability and performance issues, before they impact business.

In a live demonstration today, Veritas technical consultant Mangesh Surve showcased he features of i3 v7. “The basic problem with manual troubleshooting - doing it the old fashioned DBA/Network admin way - is attrition. As soon as DBAs and admins move out, the learning curve for new recruits becomes extremely steep. This is exactly where automation steps in - we are offering a single console for Application Performance Management (APM) that can span across different tiers of infrastructure,” Surve explained.

Application performance management has traditionally been an arduous and timeconsuming task that has required IT administrators to become proficient in multiple vendor managent tools to manage multi-tier applications running across heterogenous IT environments. IT productivity improves significantly when a single software solution can be used to moniter and manage the availability and performance of business applications running across the datacenter.

I3 v7 also enables IT administrators to collect data from both real user and synthetic transactions to analyze and resolve issues that could impact either the performance or availability of an application. The software enables the administrator to manage hardware as well as software.

It also integrates with Veritas cluster server and Veritas storage foundation server, which eventually allows administrators to collect information from clusters and files and drill all the way down the stack to identify the root cause of service degradation issues effectively bringing together infrastructure and application management.

“With i3 v7, users can actually setup their own SLA’s and flexibily set their own benchmarks,” adds Surve. With regards to compatibility, Veritas has alliances with most of the industry players in terms of software, hardware, etc., which enables them to keep i3 v7 updated with all new versions of software.

The software also comes in bundled packages, in accordance with the solutions that an enterprise is currently using. It is agentless, and can be installed on any machine within the enterprise’s network.

The software also provides users with insight into application tuning and problem resolution using the ‘expert tuning advice’ feature, an ‘application run-time analysis’ feature. These features allows IT administrators to discover and analyze complex applications across clusters and multiple instances to optimize transaction run-times.

Moreover, an ‘adaptive monitering’ feature identifies and prioritizes the applications that need to be monitored across a datacenter. It also offers a ’smartlink correlation engine’ which uses physical tags to automate the tracing of real transactions across application tiers and tracking of service levels, real users and locations for each transaction.

Through a web-based dashboard, administrators can view end to end transactions and correlate the total response time to quickly identify transaction characteristics and performance issues.

Veritas I3 v7 is available from today and the cost for a 4 CPU environment starts at $9,200.

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