Video Traffic Driving Broadband Growth Globally

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 17, 2008

Frost & Sullivan has said that video traffic is set to increase in the coming years. The firm has predicted a 13 times increase in 5 years for video traffic. Currently, video accounts for 60 % of the world’s Internet traffic. Broadband uptake is not just about affordability but also desirability, said Nitin Bhat, senior vice-president of information and communications technology (ICT) practice at Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific.

Speaking at a business and technology forum organized by Malaysia Debt Ventures, Bhat said adoption of broadband could only increase if the rural population derived some benefit from it. Once they start deriving benefits from the Web, it will be a necessity for them and broadband ” penetration will start to increase, he said.

Currently, only 25% of Malaysian households have broadband access and rural households make up about 35% of the total number of homes in the country.

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