Virtual environs must meet stringent network needs

by CXOtoday Staff    Feb 26, 2010

H3C, a subsidiary of 3Com (now owned by HP), has unveiled a new enterprise core switch optimized for enterprise core and medium-sized data center networks. The H3C S9500E is designed for Virtual environments, which must meet the same stringent network, security and compliance requirements as their physical counterparts.

H3C claims that the H3C S9500E is capable of delivering up to two times the IPv4 and up to four times the IPv6 performance of other competitive products. The switch is combined with the new TippingPoint network security offerings thereby enabling organizations achieve greater business continuity by reducing network security risks across the organization while decreasing management complexity and infrastructure costs.  

Leveraging Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) technology, multiple H3C S9500E switches can be linked as a single virtual switch, doubling performance and utilization, increasing capacity, while also eliminating the need for legacy resiliency protocols and their associated complexity.  

"The virtualization of server environments for efficiency and cost reasons makes clear demands for a change in how companies handle their networking infrastructure. The combination of 3Com’s system design with the new H3C S9500E series of modular switches and best of breed security expertise from its TippingPoint division make a compelling case for data center managers looking for next generation networking." Steven J. Schuchart Jr, Principal Analyst for Data Center, Current Analysis

"3Com’s new H3C S9500E platform was designed to address the growing demand for 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and virtualization services," said Saar Gillai, senior vice president Product and Solutions at 3Com.

The H3C S9500E platform is available in three chassis models offering 12, eight and five input/output (I/O) modules respectively, the H3C S9512E, the H3C S9508E-V (vertical alignment) and the H3C S9505E. Base pricing for the H3C S9500S switching series ranges from $20,000 USD (Approx Rs. 925,224) to $44,500 USD (Approx Rs. 2,058,580). The TippingPoint IPS module is scheduled to be available in the second half of 2010.