Virtual Reality Is About Presence: Mark Zuckerberg

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jun 15, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg recently did first Facebook Live QnA where he shared how internet is helping to connect people, Virtual reality(VR) , Artificial intelligence, Facebook’s future plans, his ambitions and goals, among a whole host of topics.

He highlighted the aim of Facebook is that “We are trying to give people the power to share whatever they are experiencing or thinking with the world. Virtual Reality is about presence, feeling like you are really there with someone,” he said.

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How can technology add to global optimism? 

Facebook’s mission is to connect more people and make the world more open. Historically people have used technology to connect and improve quality of lives. For early man, agriculture and settling into houses was also technology. Facebook may not think of it like that now, but it was for them. Technology has evolved. Facebook are at a point in human civilization, where we have the internet, which can connect people. Facebook need to come together as a community, whether it is to solve or tackle climate change, terrorism or refugee crisis.

Last week Mark Zuckerberg informed its users  about the live session as he said “Now with Live I can hear from more of our community at once and it’s a lot more interactive. We can cover all the big areas you’re interested in — connecting the world, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, live video, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and more,” wrote Zuckerberg asking users to leave questions below his post.

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Mark added  “VR is about presence, feeling like you are really there with someone. VR will give a new kind of presence, it will allow you to shoot 360 degree. I shared a 360 degree view of my office yesterday. I look forward to having a VR Q&A with you all.” 

facebook live

He also epowered a Kanpur based Indian user on tech innovations like VR and Artificial Intelegence (AI) that VR and Artificial Intelegence are not the end of tech innovation. Past VR is a world, where you can even capture a thought. There is some crazy brain research going on, where you can take an MRI of a person doing different activities, and then can predict what they are thinking. It’s a technology that is still many years away.

He furthere added “AI is one of the areas of tech that I am most excited about for Facebook. One technology that we are working on is that AI can look into a photo and read out to a blind person what’s going on in the photo.”

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As a Jaipur based Indian questioned what facebook would have be if it has launched today , Mark answered “I care about connecting people, give them the power to share. If I had to start all over again today, Facebook would look different. I wouldn’t start Facebook as a website, but as a mobile app. If you had to drop me in the middle of a jungle or a desert, after figuring my way out, I would still focus on connecting people. No matter what situation I am in, connecting people is what I am passionate about”