Virtualization is not for everyone

by Sharon Lobo    Jun 22, 2010

According to Mark Beaumont, director, global product development - IT solutions, Verizon Business, said that even though a virtualized environment offers great utilization does not necessarily work well for everyone.

For this reason, Verizon not only offers the platform on virtual servers but also provides the capability of offering it on physical servers as well. Additionally, users can also deploy and provision physical servers through a user interface in the same way it is done for virtual servers. If you have a high throughput then a physical server is the best choice.

Verizon Business, a provider of cloud services, has always targeted the enterprise market and their focus has been on security, network and multiple network connectivity options. The company who has been managing servers for more than 15 years has come up with an ‘Everything as a Service’ model. The company believes that this model could potentially transform business operations and enable more sustainable, cost-efficient business models that will help support future competitiveness.

Apparently, a lot of companies in India are predominately from the services sector. Verizon Business, thereby sees India as a huge market where they could provide such companies with the required infrastructure. The company also have plans to open new facilities in the UK and Australia and are also considering India as well.

‘Everything as a Service’ includes offering data centre services, managed hosting, application management and other solutions and services. According to Beaumont, Verizon Business customers are free deploy services from one or multiple datacenters. Currently the company has data centres in Amsterdam and on the East Coast of the US, and will soon open new facilities in Hong Kong and in San Jose on the West Coast of the US.

It is not surprising to find IT firms, which are remotely related to the cloud, evangelize the benefits of the cloud and virtualization at the drop of a hat. In India companies such as Google and Amazon are synonymous with cloud services, however there are others, who with their unique proposition, are also making their presence felt to Indian customers.