Virtualization Making Enterprises Rework DR Plans

by Tabrez Khan    Oct 16, 2008

Virtualization is the major factor that is causing them to reevaluate their disaster recovery (DR) plans said 61% of the Indian enterprises, in the survey conducted by Symantec Corporation. Challenges posed by virtual environments are different as processes for physical environments do not necessarily apply to virtual environments. Also legacy DR tools in virtual environments lack enterprise-class protection.

The survey also revealed that only 22 percent of Indian enterprises conduct full scenario DR tests due to fear of business disruption and lack of resources. Disruption to employees, budgetary issues and disruption to customers were cited as barriers to DR testing. Even among those respondents conducting full-scenario monthly tests, 22 percent of the tests failed to meet the defined time i.e 12.81 hours.

Human error, technology failure, insufficient IT infrastructure, outdated plans and inappropriate processes were blamed for failure in DR tests.

The findings were based on a survey of 1000 Indian and overseas enterprises across various verticals.

On an overall basis, more traditional threats like virus attacks and data loss were perceived as the major influencers of DR planning.

According to the survey, a whopping 74 percent of the respondents claimed the rampant increase in virus attacks prompted them to revisit their DR plans, 64 percent of re-evaluators were driven by data loss fears, while for 54 percent of the respondents accidental or malicious employee behavior was the key concern.

DR planning is not just limited to natural calamities or virus attacks but other factors that affect seamless operation of a business. Enterprises need to identify and prioritize assets for disaster prevention, recovery and mitigation, said Anand Naik, director of systems engineering for Symantec Corporation.