Virtusa Accelerates BPM with New Delivery Method

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 15, 2009

Currently, more Fortune 500 companies are turning to business process management (BPM) to reduce time-to-market, increase operational efficiency and streamline IT initiatives. At the same time, analysts predict that more than 50 percent of BPM programs will fail by 2011 due to lack of BPM discipline. Therfore to enable businesses use BPM with greater confidence in success and realize a higher return on investment (ROI), Virtusa has unveiled Virtusa BPM Acceleration Methodology (VBAM).

VBAM is a proven framework, which delivers impressive results by employing a step-by-step BPM implementation approach which begins with a Suitability Assessment and Planning phase, followed by an Accelerated Solution and Design Workshop and uses an Agile Execution Framework to implement the solution through Virtusa’s optimized global delivery model.

Using VBAM, many companies achieve dramatic business results, including up to a 50 percent reduction in time-to-market, more than 40 percent improved accuracy of the resulting system, improved design quality through focus on high-value features and reduced financial risk by delivering working solutions early and often.

The Virtusa BPM Acceleration Methodology includes the following key features:

  • Continuous integration with automated daily builds and deployment and daily regressions
  • Unique "platforming" approach to identify reusable assets and expose them as core services
  • Time-boxed development iterations with an assessment at the end of each
  • Simple design and refactoring for easy change, reuse and maintainability
  • Automated quality code reviews and inspection, early unit testing, and functional test automation.