Vishal Sikka Seeks Growth In Partnership

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 02, 2014


Vishal Sikka, the new CEO of Infosys is all set to formulate a winning plan for India’s second largest software company. In less than a month of his joining, Sikka is repotedly turning to friends and strategy experts to help him formulate a winning plan for India’s second largest software company.

Sikka, regarded as a technology visionary, has started talks with a California-based advisory firm, Gardner & Associates Consulting, as Infosys looks to strengthen its partnerships with customers and retain senior managers, many of whom have become jumpy after a string of senior-level departures, reads a TOI report. Stating that unrest at the top level is an obvious concern that must be understood and addressed, Dave Gardner, founder of Gardner & Associates Consulting told the news site that the consultation and assistance will help Sikka understand what Infosys must do to strengthen relationships with its customers and internal team.

The firm is based in San Jose and boasts of a prestigious clientele, including IBM, Dell and Cisco Systems. Sikka will be meeting Gardner during the middle of July, according to sources, as they believe it is a bold bet by Infosys, which after being a growth leader and industry benchmark for several years that has been underperforming the industry.

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The first non-founder CEO of Infosys will reach out to is Alan Kay, a computer researcher known for groundbreaking inventions at Xerox, and professor at Stanford University, said people familiar with his matter. Kay however consulting for SAP and helping the German software firm set up a new research lab, and declined to comment on the matter citing conflict of interest. The 74-year-old Kay is considered as a visionary for his work on personal computing and is best known for Dynabook — a portable suite of hardware, software, programming tools and services, which in many ways was the inspiration for the laptop and the iPad.

Some believe that as Sikka would also be a consulting professor at the Stanford University, he might reach out to some of his peers and mentors for understanding the trends in computing, believe industry expert. At the time of his appointment last month, Sikka mentioned that he will learn from employees, senior management and clients and that would be the best way to thrive in a knowledge economy.