VMware, Cisco to Collaborate for VDC Innovation

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 17, 2008

The two companies will integrate a number of their applications and products to deliver enhanced scalability and control over virtualized environments.

For instance, the Nexus 1000V switch will extend Cisco’s security, policy enforcement, automated provisioning and diagnostics features into dynamic VMware environments that will be able to scale to thousands of live virtual machines.

The new Cisco Virtual Network Link (VN-Link) technology on the Nexus 1000V will integrate with VMware’s vNetwork Distributed Switch framework to create a logical network infrastructure that will provide visibility, control and consistency to networks. The solution will help network, virtualization and server teams to gain efficiency in virtual environments and obtain accurate, real-time data for stronger collaboration in troubleshooting.

“What is cool about Cisco working together with VMware is that the service, security and operational ease of management policies in Cisco networking will be assignable across each virtual machine in VMware Infrastructure. This kind of innovation will help drive more use of virtualization in our campus,” said Theresa Regan, director of operations and infrastructure services for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Cisco and VMware also jointly offer virtualization consulting services to help customers create and deploy server, network and storage virtualization solutions across their data centers.


The Cisco Nexus 1000V distributed virtual software switch is expected to be generally available to customers in the first half of 2009. Cisco Wide Area Application Services and Application Control Engine for VDI are available now.