VR To Remain An Essential Part Of Gaming Industry

by Poonam Mondal    Jul 08, 2016


Biostar Microtech International Corp,  or commonly known as Biostar, is a motherboard manufacturer based in Taiwan, dedicated to designing and manufacturing of computer hardware products such as motherboards, video cards, cards, thermal, headphones, home theater PCs, remote controls, desktops, barebone computers, system-on-chip solutions and industrial PCs. With a key focus on the competitive market, Jesse Chen, Sales Director, Biostar India shares the top trends of the gaming motherboard industry and how it is evolving in the adoption of Virtual Reality. Excerpt.

What is new for the gaming motherboard market? 

Virtual Reality Gaming (VR) which brings a three dimensional environment during a Game has now become an essential part. With the future of gaming moving more towards Ultra High-Definition (UHD) content and Virtual Reality (VR), high-end components are essential to providing the best experience to current users.   

There has also been a growing trend in customizing and building color-themed PCs which is also one of the key factors in some people’s decision making in selecting their motherboards when building a new system. We have taken this point into consideration while creating our new RACING series of motherboards featuring the VIVID LED DJ feature. VIVID LED DJ in tandem with the onboard, LED lighting of the BIOSTAR RACING series allows up to full-color. Biostar also has opted to go with a neutral board color scheme allowing the LED illumination on the PCB and heatsinks to be customized allowing a wide-range of color schemes for easily pairing with your build color of choice. 

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As game developers begin to trend towards ultrahigh-definition content it is important that the PC can keep up with the same. By implementing M.2 & U.2 socket on Biostar new Motherboards, Gamers now have the technology  to take advantage of newer NVMePCIe SSDs, like Intel’s 750 NVMe. With transfer speeds almost four times that of traditional SSDs, the possibilities seem endless 

Gaming PCs are meant to be big, right? They’re meant to be in full-sized PC tower cases, with big loud case fans. And they’re usually pretty big size, More and more manufactures are providing the mini ITX gaming motherboard with same performance as ATX or micro-ATX one to meet worldwide users request on small form-factor powerful system.   

What are top trends in the market? 

Global situation varies, some countries have shown double digit growth and some with stagnant or even negative progress. But overall, the trend for High End and Gaming Boards is similar, this market is still growing. Some of the key notable trends of the Industry being -The next-generation architectures for mainstream and low-end systems ‘KabyLake’ which breaks from the tick tock schedule, an “optimization” and will be built on the same 14nm process as Skylake, which latter could be advanced to 200 series chipset. We see the demand for DDR4 rising, thanks to its low power requirements and corresponding reduction in waste heat which is the technology’s real draw. 

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The Indian Market specially the high end and Gaming segment is growing very fast in India. The emerging enthusiastic Gaming groups, shows the market potential is very high, and also there are several opportunities in the rapidly growing Indian Market. That being said, USB 3.1 related devices which provides faster data transfer speed and performance, shall be one of the most popular picks for the year 2016, growing acceptance and wider market. Lastly, we see the consumer grade SSD shall be more readily available at better prices and we shall also see 240GB in the SSD as one of the notable trend. 

What is Biostar business model? 

Our clear focus shall be on our star offering ‘Racing Series’ which is concentrated clearly towards enthusiast Gaming and their real needs. It’s been designed for the Real gaming solutions, if rightly said tailor-made. We are one of the key mainboard makers that develops products, we are confident to claim that Biostar Gaming series are the only and truly outstanding Gaming Gears in the market. Our HiFi and Pro Series for mainstream and performance are our dedicated chart-toppers while 6+ Series for cost performance and the price oriented segment.  

What are upcoming products by Biostar? 

We have been overall focusing on PC Gaming and eSports, as in India it is one of the growing markets. Recently we had unveiled quite a few products at Computex 2016. We launched the Biostar Mini PC Systems, which is a mini system with rich performance and specifications. It shall be onboard with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage size as per the system needs. 

Next, are the Biostar IPC Products which comes with specialized applications featuring excellent innovations and reliable technologies including the Smart Locker and Mobile POS tablet for commercial purposes. 

Apart from the above mentioned, you shall see a few more in the pipeline. 

Can you share a case study/authored article on transformation in Motherboard market? 

Just a few years ago, people talked about tablet will replace PC. Can you replace a computer with a tablet? The answer is come now, No! At least not yet. You may only use a computer for the simplest tasks, in which case you did assume it would be possible to do so. But the fact is, at some point, you’ll run into something that will require you still to use a PC.

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A tablet will not have the flexibility and complexity a computer has anytime soon. It is meant to be a supporting “side” device, to perform simpler tasks. They are also great for portability, entertainment and games. But if your work revolves around a computer, you need a desktop or laptop PC.

 In the Technology era of VR and AR what are the projects of Biostar? 

There is going to be a range of BiostarRacing Motherboards and Graphic Cards that’s going to build excitement, wherein we’re paying attention on ‘VR Ready’certification. We are working closely on this. 

What is Biostar’s Growth statistics in terms of profit? 

Biostar is one of the top motherboard manufactures. Our focus is providing value-oriented computing platform with longevity lifecycles that appeal to volume driven ODMs. We have been known in the market for offering value and quality to our customers. Our products are the best in series with several additional benefits be it the latest components or the technology. 

Given the market trends and demand, our performance has been fairly good and now we shall be focusing strongly on building channel partners and service, as the backbone of our growth. 

What is Biostar’s Roadmap? 

Innovation is the key to lead in this very competitive market. Unlike other brands, we tend to add life or build differentiation to our motherboards. Each of our products are targeted towards varied segments- Hard Core Gamers, Overclockers and tech – savvy ones. In term of the roadmap ahead, for the Intel product line, we will follow Intel’s launch schedule on 200 series chipset with next generation Racing series. We also plan to come up with the Apollolake platform SoC by Q4 2016 which delivers great foundation for a great entry design – great choice for first time buyers. 

In terms of the AMD platform, we will come with newAMD SoC products as AMD Quad Core APUproducts. We are also working on AM4 platform for DDR4, still under development, too early to deviate any details.