Watson, Bragi Partner To Change The Way We Communicate

by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 07, 2016


With IoT (Internet of Things) changing the way people lead their lives, it was not far fetched thinking that people would soon be using it in their workspaces, as well. With IBM Watson in tow, Bragi will be bringing in a new category of device, called the ‘hearables.’

These devices will allow them to power the new set of devices which will be performing most of the functions in an office scenario, like taking instructions, communications with co-workers, keep a watch on their workspace operations, and perhaps even connect with their smart home devices.

Nikolaj Hviid mentioned that the hearables would change the way people work, and also begin to ‘realise the potential of audible computing’, or rather advanced computing functions, controlled by the human voice.

IBM Watson, the partner of Bragi with this new device, is perhaps the best business and brand partner possible. Along with the brand recognition and the way technology has always been IBM’s primary forte as an enterprise, Bragi is set to bring in it’s set of expertise into the equation, when it comes to creating the final product. With their latest headsets, and the IBM Watson IoT ecosystem, they have actually gotten themselves a push towards the end consumer.


Harriet Green, the Global Head at IBM Watson IoT, is banking big on the expertise of Bragi to bring in their translation capabilities and the conversational interfaces, to change the way the visual interfaces are at present. Also, IBM is looking at bringing in further refined hardware capabilities, to bring about a seamless experience, such people would be able to communicate at work and function in a much more conversational manner, then what they do right now.

So, instead of having to work on each task manually, the use of voice commands and communication will eventually help users multi-task, and for those with tight timelines at work, will be able to manage their homes safely, from a remote location.

Image courtesy: www.wearables.com