Wavion Forays into Indian Wireless Access Market

by Muntazir Abbas    Mar 06, 2009

Israel-based Wavion Wireless Networks has entered the Indian wireless access market with its beamforming technology based solutions for Wi-Fi network.

The company plans to focus on municipal bodies and industrial clients.

With the launch of i-phone and netbooks in the mobile communication industry, the wireless Internet has seen a further push in India. Wavion Wireless Networks intends to transform unlicensed broadband access market with its beamforming based solutions.

"Today, i-phone is competing with PCs for Internet relevance, and has created a demand for Wi-Fi. We offer outdoor Wi-Fi solutions," said Eran Kaplan, executive vice president, sales and marketing at Wavion Wireless Networks.

Nearly 8 percent of Indian population has Internet connection, with a greater potential in wireless arena. "Wavion caters to a market of wide area Wi-Fi coverage. We facilitate Internet to households and SMEs, and our main applications include business communities, residential access, and municipal bodies," he said.

Wavion offers spatially adaptive beamforming technology with WBS base stations operating in 2.4 GHz and 5.8 Ghz bands. The company offers solutions for outdoor infrastructures that include base stations, backhaul, network management, and billing and provisioning applications.

According to Kaplan, there is a need to educate the government sector, and it’s high time for them to understand about the availability of affordable and security-enabled technology..  

The company has its own chip manufacturing facility in Israel, and is planning for another within a very short period of time. "We offer end-to-end carrier grade network for a variety of applications, as well as various complementary solutions for backhaul for customized applications," said he.

The technology leverages six radios and equal number of antennas, and exploits multi-path. "We deploy customized solutions, and follow spatially adaptive beamforming technology that focuses energy to and from the wireless client on a per-packet basis," Kaplan said.

"With additive 10Db link gain in average, we are capable of offering solutions three times faster than our competitors’. We deploy highly-scalable solutions with pay-as-you-grow model," he said. The solution also exploits satellite (VSAT backhaul) and PtP backhaul.

"We have a strong security aspect, as Mumbai terror attacks have raised many concerns," said Kaplan. The company is upbeat with its solution, and counts over Cisco, which he said do not provide indoor penetration, while Wavion offers 360 degree coverage.

However, its major competitors include Cisco, Nortel, BelAir, D-link and Motorola. The company serves clients who want to create a hot zone, as well as provide small deployments with 100 units to large-scale deployments that include 2,500 units.