We Are Consistently First To Market: Ixia President

by Sohini Bagchi    Jul 26, 2017


The use of internet has been growing at an exponential rate during the last few years. Cloud computing, data transfer and storage, and Internet of Things are key factors that are creating a demand for larger bandwidth. Inevitably, the global ethernet test equipment market is expected to grow phenomenally, as a report from Research and Markets predicts it will grow at a CAGR of 10.31% during the period 2017-2021, naming Ixia as one of the companies leading the growth. 

Gains from Keysight acquisition

Ixia, now part of Keysight Technologies, provides testing, visibility, and security solutions to strengthen networks and cloud environments for enterprises, service providers, and network equipment manufacturers. In an exclusive interaction with CXOToday, Bethany Mayer, President of Ixia Solutions Group, a Keysight Business explains what makes Ixia better than its competition and the road ahead for the company.

Speaking about the acquisition of Ixia by Keysight, Mayer opined, “Ixia leads with technology.  Period.  We strive to be the best technically in all that we do.  We have a massive patent portfolio for a small company, and we are consistently first to market.  We are not the low price leader, and we never will be. Naturally Keysight saw that in Ixia and it was highly attractive to them, as that is Keysight’s mission and culture.”

“It is important for Keysight to add value to their customers by providing solutions to layer 1-7 testing and offering best in market products.  Keysight is the market leader in their space. Ixia brings layer 1-7 technology and is the market leader in our space.  This is a strong combination, she said.

Growth and profitability

The company is bullish on delivering growth with profitability to Keysight.  ”In addition we are moving into the Cloud with both our test and visibility products.  This is an exciting time for Ixia and Keysight.  We will apply our first to market, best in class technologies to the cloud and offer our customers solutions to help them migrate with performance and security to the cloud,” informed Mayer.

With a long history in the test market, Mayer stated that Layer 2/3 high speed Ethernet, our PerfectStorm and CloudStorm products, Vision One, and our Application Threat Intelligence have been the company’s greatest innovation. The company is also offering high speed Ethernet – particularly 400G; Cloud – both in test and visibility, as well as Security – applying our security technology to ensure resilience in the network. For example, it has recently launched its Ixia Active SSL that can be used to decrypt data once, and then allow processing by as many tools as needed, improving speed and latency of security solutions.

“Our products are technically superior both in performance and in their ability to test complex protocol sets and with real world environments.  Our CloudStorm solution is unparalleled in its ability to test terabit speeds of SSL encrypted traffic,” informed Mayer. 

The Cloud challenges

Mayer believes businesses often overlook some of the latest cloud issues. “The issue that customers face now is how and what to migrate to the cloud.  And once migrated, how to ensure performance and security of workloads and applications in the cloud in the first place,” she said. 

Organizations often expose themselves to risks when they move applications to the cloud. This is especially true in terms of public cloud which may not always be as reliable as a customer’s data center. “If there is an outage, depending upon the workloads in the cloud, it can pose a serious risk to the business.  In addition, security of data is always a concern in the cloud, and there are not as many solutions as customers would like right now to solve that concern,” Mayer explained, adding that it is therefore important that CIOs need to stage what they move to the cloud in terms of importance and complexity.  They also need to consider tools that can provide them with visibility into the traffic and workloads in the cloud to assure performance in the cloud.

Asked what Ixia’s strategy is to help organizations to move securely to the cloud, she said, “Our strategy is twofold.  Offer test solutions that test the security and resiliency of their instances in the cloud, and provide scale out visibility tools that can enable a customer to assure the performance of their workloads in the cloud.”

Women in IT

Mayer also an advocate in bringing more women into the technology career. “I have spent my career encouraging women to join us in the technology industry.  Through my work with industry associations, mentoring and founding women’s forums, as well as speaking at many women’s events, my goal has been to have a stronger pipeline of women entering our industry and promoting them in their journey,” Mayer opined.

“I think that my generation of women in technology need to be active in this.  If we don’t do our part to help, women will not feel comfortable or empowered to be a part of our industry. In addition young women and girls need encouragement to stay in math and science throughout their education and we need to offer support – either financial or volunteering - to organizations working to help young women and girls see how vital it is to stay in math and science and have fun with it.  Technology is fascinating and compelling.  I am very thankful that my career has been in technology.  It still excites me every day and I still enjoy it after 30 years.  It can be a wonderful career, and I want more women to join us in it,” she summed up.