We are not Competing with Existing Companies

by Ashutosh Desai    Jan 11, 2010

Sunil Suvaliya, MD, Leoxsys has a lot of plans for 2010. As the co-founder of the fledgling hardware networking company, he has his hands full — from increasing the Leoxsys product offering, entering a new geography, and getting certified.

Currently Leoxsys has two wireless products on offer. Are there plans to launch more products in the near future? How soon will Leoxsys ramp up on its product portfolio?
Certainly, we are planning to introduce a whole range of wired and wireless networking series in our product portfolio. By January 2010, we will launch 5- and 8-port Gigabit switches and Cat5e/Cat6 cables in the Indian market. In February 2010, we will launch an 11N router which has basic 11N wireless functionality with OPENDNS-based live Internet security.

How have your products been received in India? Are Leoxsys products available outside India as well?
We have received an overwhelming response for our products in the Indian market as our product is one of its kind in terms of technology. Currently Leoxsys products are available in India only through our channel partners. We are also in the process of appointing channel partners in the U.A.E. Apart from this we have made several shipments directly from the company to customers in Europe.

Could you name some SMBs that have opted for Leoxsys products?
ABC Rail Pvt. Ltd. and Infinity Infoway Pvt. Ltd. are some of the SMBs that have opted for our products and several other individual customers are using our solutions. They are all happy with our products and services.

Who are the main channel partners for Leoxsys products? How does Leoxsys plan to increase visibility and reach of its products in India?
Currently, Leoxsys products are available in the market through our channel partner, Implicit Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We have a marketing plan in place and are in the process of building channel partners across all Indian cites. We are also participating in exhibitions and technology fairs across India to push our products further.

Leoxsys is a very new entrant in the wireless networking space. What is your strategy to compete alongside companies that have been in the Indian market for a number of years?
We are not competing with existing companies but believe in providing latest cutting-edge technologies at an affordable price. Our first product LEO-150N-BT is a multi-functional router which has an inbuilt BitTorrent and FTP server. All our wireless products comes with multiple SSIDs and built-in OPENDNS-based live Internet security. As of now, there is no wireless company in India that provides these important features in the SMB space at such an affordable price.

In terms of revenue and expansion, what is the sort of growth that you are planning to achieve over the next year?
At present, we have a sales office in Bangalore and Mumbai. We are going to open a sales office in Delhi soon. In addition to appointing channel partners across country, we are in touch with venture capitalists for an investment in Leoxsys Networks Pvt. Ltd. Within a month Leoxsys is going to become an unlisted public limited company. We have also initiated process for acquiring the ISO 9001:2009 quality management system for our organisation. In terms of revenue, Leoxsys is going to see a remarkable vertical growth in one year.

What are your views on the wireless broadband connectivity scene in India?
There is no doubt that wireless connectivity is going to witness a huge demand in India as broadband users are increasing at the rate of more than 200 percent year-on-year. The Indian market is yet to see a similar revolution in wireless broadband technology as it has been seen in the telecom sector. In the coming years there will be a huge shift from 11b/g to 11N in the SMB and SOHO sectors. The future is driven by technology and in the coming years Indian market will be dominated by new technologies in wireless broadband connectivity.