“We offer a single and agile application”

by Prasanth Menon    Mar 14, 2011

IFS, founded in 1983, develops, supplies, and implements IFS Applications, a component-based extended ERP suite built on SOA technology. In an interview to CXOtoday, Thiru Vengadam, MD, IFS Solutions India, talks about the IFS Applications and the opportunities he sees in the Indian market.

Give us an overview of IFS Solutions Ltd?
IFS is a 25 year old Swedish enterprise application company, which started as an application developer for a power plant. Subsequently it evolved in to a company which now offers a single application that supports business applications across industries.

How to do go about implementing your solutions in India?
In the last six years, when huge corporations such as HAL and NHPC wanted to implement our solutions we ourselves implemented these solutions. Currently we look at partners to do the implementations.

How big is the size of your workforce in India?

Currently we have about 120 people, which apart of business development also focuses on implementation and product support.

Are you currently in talks with any new partners?
Definitely, we are in talks with Capgemini and once we partner with them, together we will go to the market.

How many more partners would you require?
I believe we would require at least 5 to 6 more partners.

Could you explain more on the implementation at NHPC?
As hydro power is produced around dams, which are located in hilly areas across 32 locations in the country, our IFS solution connects all these projects and integrates in the IFS system located in Delhi.