Web-based Tool From BNA

by Sohini Bagchi    Jan 18, 2006

BNA Technology, a prominent application services provider of Internet enabled solutions, has recently come up with a new web-based tool called LivServ. The pre-sales and support tool integrates real-time online interaction with live agent support.

In a chat with CXOtoday, V. Ranganathan, MD, BNA Technology spoke about how the new tool enhances web presence by providing cost effective live chat and real-time site monitoring service to the enterprises and SMEs.

On the unique features of LivServ, he said, “As the Indian online space evolves and the traffic spurts up, it is imperative for companies to know who is visiting their website, engage them in a manner that is mutually beneficial and try to elevate every visitor to a customer.”

“The failure of many existing solution in the market is solely due to the lack of human support integrated into the product. Without the one-on-one support, the whole process is incomplete and lacks the ability to deliver results that online business owners expect and need to adopt the products,” he added.

LivServ is being offered in the form of a service to obviate the need for any additional investments by using a pay per use model. Ranganathan feels that this tool has enormous implications for both, large enterprises and SMEs as it allows them to optimize the investments already made on their websites, and increase their visitor to customer conversion ratio.

LivServ can be customized as per the clients’ requirements, with dedicated agents for support. The agents can be used for either lead generation or extended agent services and they can be deployed anytime.

“Unlike other sites where the visitor is required to click a button to initiate a chat or mail and wait for feedback from the support team, LivServ just pops-up on the screen as a visitor opens the site greets the visitor just as a staff would greet a visitor who walks into a shop, and provides real-time customer support and visitor communication directly from the client’s web site,” he explained.

To indigenously support its customers, the company has come up with its BPO unit of professionally trained and qualified agents to support the agent tool. Of the various customers, UTI bank, Shakti Resort, IT One Consultancy and Mahendra Associates have already deployed the tool.

BNA has also roped-in a number of other clients in the financial services institutions, hospitality and service apartment segment and hopes to sign-up at least 100 more customers in three months, Ranganathan told CXOtoday.

Referring to the company’s Computerized ‘Q’ Control System, Ranganathan said, “We came up with a barcode scanner, which is developed by adopting client-server technology. Keeping the characteristics of on-line transaction processing application, this system runs on a LAN network as well as through dial-up network by using remote access server for connecting remote clients.”

BNA is currently trying to customize the tool to different verticals. It sees retail, pharma and insurance as prospective areas for developing and marketing this tool.