Web Grows To 50 Million Sites; Apache Rules

by CXOtoday Staff    May 04, 2004

In its latest May 2004 Web Server Survey, Netcraft has detected more than 50 million web sites on the Internet, receiving http responses from a mind-boggling 50,550,965 sites.

The milestone caps a period of revived growth for the Internet, coming just 13 months after the survey crossed the 40-million mark in April 2003. By comparison, it took 21 months for the Web to expand from 30 million to 40 million sites.

May was the 16th consecutive month of growth for the Web after a two-year shakeout to absorb the collapse of the dot-com and telecom industries. The upward trend resumed in February 2003, when Netcraft detected 35.8 million sites; about the same number as the Dec. 2001 survey.

The rebound in total sites tracks the recovery of the larger Internet economy, as viable companies and business models have emerged from the wreckage of the Internet bubble.

Common to the Internet Economy 2.0 is a focus on efficiency and cost management that was largely absent during the boom years of 1998-2000. Recent months have seen reports of strong growth for online ad spending, paid subscription sites, online retail spending, and even modest revivals in venture capital investment and dot-com hiring.

The first Netcraft survey in August 1995 found 18,957 hosts. Previous milestones in the survey were reached in April 1997 (1 million sites), February 2000 (10 million), September 2000 (20 million) and July 2001 (30 million).

According to Netcraft, the world’s most popular web server Apache, has grown its hold on the Internet to 33892817 websites, pegging its total usage on the Internet to 67.05 percent. A distant second was Microsoft, running a total of 10858168 websites, which constitutes only 21.48 percent of the Internet.

Detailed graphs and statistics on the web server findings are available on the Netcraft website.

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