WebDunia Pushes Unique Indianization Mantra

by Hinesh Jethwani    May 03, 2004

Webdunia.com (India) Pvt. Ltd. - a pioneer in delivering Indian language based solutions and services - is entering into newer territories with its unique ’Indianization’ mantra.

Gone are the days when providing local language support was a tedious last resort exercise, designed only for smaller niche sectors. With software vendors and content providers increasingly targeting a prominent non-English speaking market, conversion service providers are reaping significant benefits.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Pankaj Jain, CTO, Webdunia.com, said, “The telecom and wireless segment is witnessing an unprecedented boom for local language content based applications. With Reliance Infocomm - which is the largest CDMA service provider in the country - we have already developed 80 applications in J2ME and BREW. The market for local content apps on Tablet PC’s and Windows CE based handheld devices is quickly evolving, and we are looking into creating extensive applications in these areas in the coming months.”

WebDuniya has many firsts to its credit - namely Webdunia.com, the world’s first Hindi Portal, epatra.com, the world’s 1st language email service, Webulagam.com, the world’s 1st Tamil portal, Webprapancham.com, the world’s 1st Telugu portal, Weblokam.com, the world’s 1st Malayalam portal, and evarta.com, the world’s 1st chat in 11 major Indian languages.

The company has designed a unique Input Control utility, which is available in all its properties. The utility allows an innovative on-the-fly conversion, of text typed in English from any ASCII keyboard into regional languages.

“We have designed several conversion tools in-house, thanks to our 100 member strong IT development team. Our primary converter that can translate any given format to any other, is called WD Converter. Major problems are encountered nowadays with different fonts available in the market, as they are not standardized. Merging data from different sources becomes a demanding task, and therefore we keep updating and refining our WD Converter software,” explained Jain.

With Microsoft Hindi and MS Office Hindi projects to its credit, Webduniya is working closely with the software giant to model their products on other local languages as well. As a part of the deal, specific resource files are revealed to the company by Microsoft, which are then converted into local languages and sent back.

Detailing the network infrastructure, Jain said, “All our servers are hosted at Pugmarks, and are remotely monitored and managed by us from our Indore office. We have about 12 hosted servers, which run on Windows 2000 Server, and the email server runs on Linux qmail.”

With approximately 50 million page views a month and 1.5 million email accounts, the servers are pushed to the maximum. WebDuniya spends approximately Rs 3-4 Crore on IT each year. It also creates basic editing applications and HR solutions for the enterprise market. With a 100 desktops running Microsoft licenses, Webduniya is planning to upgrade to the latest P4 machines, and add new Intel based servers at its Indore office.

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