Weekly Rewind: Top 10 Stories On CXO Today (Feb 13-18)

by CXOtoday News Desk    Feb 17, 2017

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It has been an interesting week in the world of enterprise technology, with a lot of emphasis on tech research and trends in the areas of Internet of Things, cyber security, cloud computing, 5G technology and BI and analytics. We bring to you some insightful articles on how these trends and technologies can and are already impacting various industries and sectors - highlighting challenges and opportunities.

We bring to you exclusive interviews of global speaker, author and master coach Roger Harrop - The CEO Expert on how CEOs can succeed in this digital era and Shmulik Aran, CEO of NextNine, an US and Israel-based provider in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) on the company’s plans for the Indian market.

Besides, like every week, we also have for you interesting case studies, infographics, blogs and expert columns on various emerging technology trends and challenges in the enterprise space.

Here are some of the top stories of the week on CXOToday you would not want to miss. 

View From The Helicopter: Secrets Of Winning Companies

From leading a nuclear power station to running a multi-billion dollar company, Roger Harrop has worn many different hats. But the part he loves playing the most - and continues to do with élan - is passing on his knowledge of business to his clients. In a recent interaction with CXOtoday, an international speaker, an author and master coach discusses the present-day business challenges, how CEOs can succeed in this digital era and his helicopter programs that provides a greater insight to business leaders.

India’s IoT Market Is The Next Big Thing, Say Experts

Even some two years ago, the Internet of Things or IoT as its popularly called was a much-hyped technological concept. Much of this hype centred around consumer applications, such as smart homes, connected cars and consumer wearables such as smartwatches and so on. In recent times, IoT has become a phenomenon, generating significant economic opportunities and reshaping industries.

IBM Watson Now Set To Fill Cyber Security Gaps

IBM Watson can wear multiple caps from beating Jeopardy champions on television to aiding in critical healthcare research and from cooking and great Banking experience. Watson now has a new job in the form of cyber security specialist, which can use its knowledge of more than 1 million security documents to help cybersecurity professionals identify and mitigate threats. 

Enterprise Drone Market To Grow And For Good Reasons

Just sometime back, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or what is now called ‘drones’ was synonymous with wars, attacks on terrorists or pilot-less spying aircrafts. Times have changed, and so are the uses of UAVs. Now these flying objects are hugely benefiting the commercial segment too, as their potential is being recognized. Today, drones are used by industries and various enterprise in various profitable ways.  

Is STEM Skill Shortage Killing Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Plan?

US President Donald Trump’s ”Hire American” rhetoric seems to be giving a tough time to Indian technology providers. tech majors such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro and others are compelled to recruit local talent in the US, which is one of their biggest markets, these companies are seeing a dearth of local tech talent on US campuses.

Making 5G The New Enterprise Reality

In today’s digital world, disruption is inevitable. At a time when 4G is already well-established, it is obvious that 5G, the next generation in development, will emerge in a market to create further disruption. And work around 5G is already underway worldwide, with Ericsson forecasting a $582 billion market opportunity for 5G technology by 2026. 

Design Thinking: Dealing With Wicked Problems

With the digital tsunami moving at a rapid pace, your business too has set an or planning to establish a task force with the charter to “design the approach and vision for your digital presence.” Vidya Priya Rao, Founder and Director at Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint, explains how managers - with a focused approach - can “design” the future, and change the way they look at problem-solving to delight their customers.

Can Facebook Take On LinkedIn With New Job Postings Feature

While LinkedIn has long been the professional job searching site in the world, it has overlooked some of the bigger opportunities in the job market. Facebook now seems to be capitalizing on those gaps, by rolling out new features which will enable recruiters to post and hire and prospective job seekers find and apply directly through the platform.

Making Control Systems Connected And Safe

Control systems are the heart of industrial facilities. As the industry becomes increasingly connected, these control systems are adapting to the new global environment. In a recent conversation with CXOtoday, Shmulik Aran, CEO of NextNine, an US and Israel-based provider in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) explains the recent disruptive trends in tthis space and the company’s plans for the Indian market.

Cyber Security: What CISOs Should Know In 2017

Cyber-attacks have become commonplace. In many ways, the only “news” is that they continue to grow in frequency and variety. When dealing with the day to day, it can be difficult to tally the mounting toll associated with this awful state of affairs—and even more challenging to predict what surprises lie ahead. Nikhil Taneja, MD, India SAARC, Radware explores some of the key points CISOs should understand in this complex scenario.

How Cloud Is Driving Global Healthcare Market

Even a few years ago, healthcare professionals largely depended on cloud-based solutions for back-office needs, such as email and data storage. The scope of cloud computing in the healthcare sector has expanded in recent times, as many healthcare IT departments are not only exploring cloud computing architectures for the increased flexibility and potential cost savings, but also to create a competitive edge.