Weekly Rewind: Top 10 Stories On CXO Today [Jan 2-6]

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jan 06, 2017

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Happy New Year 2017…

How soon time flies… we just bid goodbye to a very eventful year in world history which had and is likely to have trememdous impact on the decision makers in technology business. As 2016 gives way to the new year - a new beginning - it’s time to take a look forward and mull over the next big things in technology.

We have presented before you a gamut of technology trends, challenges and opportunities in the areas from blockchain and biometric smartphones to cybersecurity and from e-commerce and Artificial Intelligence to co-working spaces - that are likely to change our world in the not-so-far off future.

We have a chain of India-specific articles this week, with a focus on Indian IT’s road to the future, Reliance Jio and its rivals, India’s e-commerce growth story so far and Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s latest visit to India and specifically his IIT-Kharagpur moments after 23 years.

Like every week, we also have for you some interesting news analysis, research reports, infographics, blogs and expert columns on various emerging technology trends and updates in the enterprise space.

Here are some of the top stories of the week on CXOToday you would not want to miss.

Indian IT May Become Obsolete Without AI, Automation

Heightened global competition and pricing pressure from clients have compelled India’s $143 billion IT services sector to focus on automation and artificial intelligence [AI]. The tech majors that earn a chunk of their revenues from global clients have realized that enhancing their digital capabilities is the only way to survive and thrive in this market, and failing to do so may make them obsolete. [Read the full story here]

Will RJio Put Telcos Under ‘Tariff’ Pressure In 2017?

Reliance Jio Infocomm, which brought huge disruption in the Indian telecom sector with free voice and data last year, has intensified the tariff battle in India. Its rivals Airtel, Vodafone and Idea are going more aggressive on voice and data charges to beat RJio. While end users are certainly the biggest beneficiary in the ongoing price race, the tariff battle seems a reflection of RJio’s price pressure on competitors. [Read the full story here]

Is Co-Working The Future Of Indian IT Firms?

Co-working spaces or shared working spaces is one of the most popular trends resonating with start-ups, tech companies, media and e-commerce firms in India. The concept that was relatively new but has caught on in the country is expected to see a spike in demand in the coming years. With greater flexibility, better connectedness and of course cost cutting, would co-working become the future of Indian companies? [Read the full story here]

Why Biometric Smartphones Are The Way Forward

Biometrics has emerged as an important tool in identity management, helping government and financial organizations reduce fraudulent activities. With more and more people doing their banking transactions on smartphones, the technology and concept around it is expected to accelerate in the coming years. [Read the full story here]

NSG Website Hacked; Why India Should Strengthen Cyber Security

In one of the latest attempt to malign the image of India’s most strategic organization, suspected Pakistan-affiliated operatives hacked the official website of the elite National Security Guard (NSG) and defaced it with anti-India content. This brings us back to the million dollar question: Why India should strengthen and review its cyber security system. [Read the full story here]

Why India’s E-Commerce Story Is Far From Over

Despite whopping sales during the festive season, India’s e-commerce firms are struggling with mounting losses. While some believe, 2017 to be a tough year for the sector in terms of sales and revenue, the e-commerce players are confident to gear up for a brand New Year. They believe that India’s e-commerce growth story is far from over. [Read the full story here]

Blockchain Can Be A Powerful Tool For Indian Businesses

Blockchain technology was developed to reinforce digital currency bitcoin, and is considered the most efficient technology against cyber fraud that allows financial transactions to be verified electronically over a network of computers. While relatively nascent in India, the country too plans to embrace the Block Chain technology because of increased cybercrime in financial institutions. [Read the full story here]

Online Grocer ZopNow Targets USD 100 Mn This Year

ZopNow, an online groceries retailer, which started in 2011 by Mukesh Singh, launched its services in ten major Indian cities and is planning for more expansion. The business started growing in the last five years owing to the ever-growing usage of mobile devices and broadband penetration in the country, and the need to have access to fresh items at affordable pricing. [Read the full story here]

Google Betting Big On AI, Machine Learning: CEO

As Google CEO Sundar Pichai takes a trip down memory lane at IIT-Kharagpur - his alma mater – he tells the students how Google is betting big on artificial intelligence and machine learning in the coming years and spoke about India being a global player in the digital play. Over 3,000 IITans gathered to meet the institutions’ most famous alumnus who visited his campus after 23 years. [Read the full story here]

7 Best Practices For Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is among the most important tasks of any company and directly aff­ects each and every employee. It’s a periodic operation in which e­ffectiveness is judged by the ability to pay accurately, promptly and with complete statutory compliance. It’s beneficial for any business irrespective of size, to adhere to a set of best practices, honed through years of experience. [Read the full story here]