Weekly Rewind: Top 10 Stories On CXO Today (Jan 22-26)

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jan 28, 2018

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In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it’s almost impossible to keep track of everything. In fact, this week saw some exciting updates that will interest decision makers in business, analysts and tech enthusiasts from across the world which we bring before you.

Stories on Artificial Intelligence, cyber security and Blockchain continue to be the flavor of the week, as we have for you a host of articles on how these technologies are having a long term effect on various aspects of business.

We also bring to you our daily dose of news and analyses, interviews, case studies, infographics and expert columns like every week. So, if you have missed out any of our updates, do not worry. Here are some of the top stories of the week on CXOToday you would not want to miss.

Exploring The Potential Of Blockchain Through ‘Collaboration’

The power of Blockchain lies in inclusion. More the number of assets in a Blockchain, stronger it becomes. Of all the advantages of Blockchain, interoperability is definitely at the top - interoperability between Blockchains of same kind, interoperability between Blockchains of different kinds and most importantly, interoperability between Blockchains and legacy systems. We need to explore the potential of Blockchain as a platform enabling interoperability to exploit its full potential, as Blockchain without interoperability is like emails from Hotmail and Gmail not talking to each other.

Why Creating Secure Software Development Culture Is Challenging

Existing organizational culture can be a key hurdle for companies to overcome in order to thrive in the digital economy, according to CA Technologies, which revealed results following the second phase of a global survey of more than 1,200 IT leaders around the topic of secure software development. But conducting early and continuous application testing for security vulnerabilities, as well as embracing the practice of DevSecOps can help CXOs overcome this challenge.

Enterprise AI Moves Beyond Experimentation: Infosys

Artificial Intelligence is in widespread use across enterprises, driving tangible benefits while creating new opportunities and challenges for business leaders and the workforce, according to IT major Infosys. The Indian IT services major released a global research on the impact artificial intelligence (AI) technology implementations in the enterprise are having on return-on-investment (ROI), the workforce and organizational leadership. The research report, Leadership in the Age of AI, surveyed more than 1,000 business and IT leaders with decision-making power over AI solutions or purchases at large organizations across seven countries.

How Digital India Can Celebrate The Spirit Of Republic Day

The history of India’s independence is riddled with instances when the shared consciousness of people has resulted in huge social transformations. However, in the last decade or so, none of the tools have proven powerful enough to initiate this process other than social media platforms. This Republic Day, along with the Constitution, let us celebrate three more Cs of communication, content and connectivity - areas where social media has played a pivotal role to engrain the true spirit of being a Republic among modern Indians.

Visa Selects PayMate To Manage Supply Chain

PayMate, an early pioneer in India’s payment industry and a leading player in electronic Business-to-Business (B2B) payments space, announced that its innovative, cloud based, payments platform has been selected by Visa to help transform the way Visa corporate customers manage their financial supply chain. PayMate has been helping large Enterprises and SMEs transition from traditionally slow and costly forms of payments like cash and checks to real-time and efficient digital payments.

We Are Growing Twice As Fast As The Market: F-Secure CEO

In the last couple of years, the cybersecurity market has undergone a major transformation, with hackers continuously evolving their tactics and threat landscapes getting increasingly complicated. This has compelled CISOs, security vendors and even partners to think differently about cyber security. Finnish security provider F-secure that is putting its effort to create a niche for itself, in the global market, is focusing towards providing innovative security solutions and service for the enterprise. “While constantly looking for innovative ways to build products and offerings for customers, and the response that we are receiving, I believe, we are growing twice as fast as the market,” Samu Konttinen, President & CEO, F-Secure Corporation said at the company’s APJ Partner Summit in Bali.

CXOs Plans To Modernize Enterprise Apps In 2018: Study

An overwhelming number of people are planning to upgrade their organization’s enterprise applications this year in an effort to provide employees with better user experiences, improve employee productivity, and better secure sensitive data, states a study by Sapho. As the survey points out, there is a desperate need to modernize the employee experience of enterprise applications, as these modernization efforts are being driven largely by an inability to move to cloud-based apps for security and compliance reasons as well as the fact that legacy, on-premises applications are so deeply ingrained in daily business processes that they cannot be replaced.

IT Hiring 2018: More Digital Skills In Demand This Year

In the next one year, IT hiring will witness an increased demand for digital skills in India, according to Han Digital Solution, a company focusing on talent consulting and research. In India, seven out of 10 large IT services companies and global in-house center or captive hire for positions requiring digital skills every quarter and six out of 10 IT services organizations invest on reskilling or cross-skilling on digital skills to manage talent supply gap, said the company, based on its research on hiring trends - ‘2018 India ITBPM Hiring Outlook’, a study that aims to help leaders understand the talent availability for technology skills and use the insights in hiring decisions.

Dell EMC’s Sandeep Bhambure Joins Veeam As MD For India And SAARC

Availability solutions provider Veeam has appointed Sandeep Bhambure as its Managing Director for India and SAARC. Sandeep joins Veeam from Dell EMC, where he was the Regional Director (enterprise) and Country Manager (cloud service providers business). In his current role, he will lead Veeam’s business operations in India and will be responsible for market development, expand solutions offerings to customers and further strengthen partner network. He will report directly to Shaun McLagan, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan.

How Is AI Changing Every Area Of Business

The world market for Artificial Intelligence will have a value of almost 60,000 million dollars by 2026 states a recent study. For companies, the correct use of Artificial Intelligence can mean an increase in sales, substantially improving each of the company’s areas, eradicating inefficiency, optimizing operations and saving money, said a study by Adext. Currently, 80 percent of executives think that AI solutions can improve their productivity. Given these data, how can businesses exploit their potential today? Here are seven business benefits that these technologies can currently bring to business.