Weekly Rewind: Top 10 Stories On CXOToday (Aug 14-18)

by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 19, 2017

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In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it’s almost impossible to keep track of everything. In fact, this week saw some exciting updates that will interest decision makers in business, analysts and tech enthusiasts from across the world.

While the week started on a cheerful mood as India celebrates its 70th year of Independence this year, and we have for you a series of stories to celebrate the spirit of Independence Day and its impact on technology, business and society, it ended on a highly dramatic note with Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka’s resignation from the company, citing reasons such as ‘personal attack’ and ‘continued criticism’ of his functioning from within and outside the company, pointing at Infosys Ltd founder and patriarch N R Narayana Murthy.

Artificial Intelligence also seems to be the flavor of the week, as we have for you a special articles on How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Contact Centers.

We also bring to you our daily dose of news and analyses, interviews, case studies, infographics and expert columns like every week. So, if you have missed out any of our updates, do not worry. You would find everything that you wanted to read on CXOtoday Weekly Top 10. Read on to know more… 

Vishal Sikka Steps Down As Infosys’ MD And CEO

Vishal Sikka has resigned as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Infosys. In his notice of resignation to the Board, Dr. Sikka reiterated his belief in the great potential of Infosys, but cited among his reasons for leaving a continuous stream of distractions and disruptions over the recent months and quarters, increasingly personal and negative as of late, as preventing management’s ability to accelerate the Company’s transformation. Pravin Rao has been appointed as the interim CEO.

Infosys Blames Mr. Murthy For Vishal Sikka’s Resignation

Vishal Sikka has resigned as CEO, a major loss for a company dealing with heightened acrimony between the board and a cohort of founders led by ex-chairman NR Narayana Murthy. Sikka, who’d helped grow Infosys’ revenue about 25 percent since taking the helm three years ago, is stepping down as the industry goes through a difficult transition. In a statement by Infosys, the IT major noted that, the Board places on record that Murthy’s continuous assault is the primary reason that the CEO, Dr. Vishal Sikka, has resigned despite strong Board support.

Infosys’ Blunder: Throwing Baby With The Bathwater

As a shareholder, former founder, ex-chairman, Murthy, by making unsubstantiated allegations, leaking mails to the press, disclosing board minutes with external parties, is as guilty of deviating from the path of corporate governance, which he accuses the company and the board of. By going public with his frequent outbursts on these issues and raising the dubious argument of ‘compassionate capitalism’, Narayana Murthy will probably go down in India’s corporate history as the only founder, ex-chairman who actively helped damage the company, explicitly and implicitly.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Contact Centers

Today’s contact center agents are expected to communicate with customers not only on the phone but via social media, instant messaging, video conferencing and web chat. However, going by its complexities, it is obvious for contact centers to deploy modern, digital technologies and not solely depend on manpower, unlike in the past. Many companies are therefore implementing bots powered by artificial intelligence to work in their contact centers and communicate with their customers.

Is India Public-Cloud Ready?

Organizations in India are going through a transitional phase as they are increasingly embracing cloud. Many are trying to determine how their traditional on-premises infrastructure will work when they start leveraging cloud resources. But, Indian businesses are still not ready for cloud. Despite growing cloud adoption rates in India, companies are still reluctant to completely move their workloads and applications to the cloud. This is due to data security, and security remains one of the biggest concerns, both when moving applications to the cloud as well as when selecting the right cloud provider. 

Interivew Desk Helps HR Leaders Outsource Interview Process

The biggest assets that companies have are its people, and that’s why companies spend so much time, effort and money in hiring the best people. Unfortunately, to hire that one perfect person, an organization needs to look through lot of people and their resumes that are half-good or not good at all. A Chennai based start-up has come up with a concept of ‘Interview Desk’ where the hiring process of the enterprises can be outsourced to them, making things a lot easy for the recruiters.

India Can Use Technology To Fight Against Corruption

Owning as well as running businesses in India is a tough task. India is placed at 130 out of 190 countries with respect to the ease-of-doing business environment, according to the World Bank Report 2017. India’s position is worrisome. The country desperately needs to bring foreign and institutional investors. It needs investments for primary sectors such as industry, infrastructure, agriculture, etc. For all of this to happen, a favorable business climate has to be created and is the first step towards economic growth.

7 AI Technologies To Power The Enterprise

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we think of technology. It is radically changing the various aspects of our daily life. Companies are now significantly making investments in AI to boost their future businesses.  A study performed by Forrester Research predicted an increase of 300% in investment in AI in the next one year. We find out some of the most revolutionary artificial intelligence technologies that will rule in the next 1-2 years.

Changing India’s Learning System With Transformational Tech

With the shift of technology in education sector, there has been ample of innovation to watch out for in the coming years. The technology is taking over education system and making learning more interactive and innovative. Today, teaching and learning goes far beyond a four-walled classroom. Now is the time for a sector like education to understand about the advantage of technology and teacher in education systems that can transform the way classrooms function.

What’s Driving CRM Growth In India?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is as old as commerce itself. However, in the last couple of decades, the concept of CRM has evolved to a large extent, especially in Indian context. What was predominantly used by the large enterprises and was also limited to the basic functionality, generally customer database earlier, in recent years have made a strong dent into the SME segment, owing to the advent of newer technologies and concepts like SAAS and Social Media integrations.