Weekly Rewind: Top 10 Stories On CXOtoday

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 09, 2016

Weekly Rewind Top 10 Stories On CXOtoday  July 49

This week saw some very interesting updates from businesses, people and government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious program ‘Digital India’ completed One Year. But is it failing to live up to its expectations is what we explored.

Then there are companies that are constantly reinventing themselves in order to stay afloat. We focused on Citrix that has come out of its legacy business of Desktop Virtualization, and is heading towards becoming a cloud and mobility players. Meanwhile, we covered Panasonic that has plans to invest over $10 million in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in India to survive stiff market competition.

This week also saw some key executive movements, like Karan Bajwa, the former MD of Microsoft joins IBM (after quitting Microsoft in June). Finally, as the week comes to a close, Microsoft veteran for 11-years, Kevin Turner, quits the software giant, prompting CEO Satya Nadella to realign his executive team.

Cyber security too seems to be the flavor of the week, with Fortinet advising businesses on combating advanced cyber security attacks.

On the lighter side, you’ll find some listicles - stating the benefits for businesses implementing cloud accounting, smart wearables for your workplace and big data trends transforming healthcare that will keep you informed and entertained!

So, here are the top stories you do not want to miss on CXOtoday this week.

1. Is Digital India Getting Into A Buffering Mode?

Last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced ‘Digital India’ for providing online services to the citizens and fostering local entrepreneurship ecosystem. Today, it looks as though the ambitious mission has gone into a buffering mode. (Read the full story here)

2. Kevin Turner Moves Out, Satya Nadella Realigns Team

Kevin Turner, the former Walmart executive who has led Microsoft’s sales team for the past 11 years, quits the software giant to become CEO of Chicago-based trading firm Citadel Securities. This has prompted Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to realign his team. (Read the full story here)

3. Five Benefits For Businesses Implementing Cloud Accounting

As businesses strive to have more efficient and faster accounting systems, cloud accounting software is proving to be the answer. Read to know how implementing cloud accounting can help enterprises become more efficient and productive. (Read the full story here)

4. Citrix Redefines Business Strategies Post Restructuring

Parag Arora, Area VP and Country head, India subcontinent, Citrix said that coming out of the sheds of its legacy business of Desktop Virtualization, the company is now heading towards becoming a leading player in the space of end user computing, cloud, mobility and networking. (Read the full story here)

5. Six Smart Wearables For Your Workplace

The smart wearable market in India is relatively nascent, but is growing rapidly. Here is a list of interesting smart and unique wearables that have created buzz globally and is beginning to gain traction among the Indian business executives. In the next few years, these devices may also rule the workplace. (Read the full story here)

6. Panasonic To Invest $10 Mn For AI, Machine Learning

Panasonic just created a new $10 million budget for its new corporate shopping list in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Technologies (MLT). The Japanese technology giant is looking at these two streams as the future beacon of change and development, for its handset business unit which currently faces an immensely competitive market in the country. (Read the full story here)

7. IBM Hires Ex-Microsoft MD Karan Bajwa

Karan Bajwa, the former managing director of Microsoft, has now joined enterprise IT major IBM. He was in charge of sales and marketing operations of Microsoft. He quit the company in June and joined IBM within a month of stepping down. (Read the full story here)

8. Here Are 7 Defensive Steps To Counter Cyber Attacks

To defend against cyber-hackers, one must know how cyber criminals attack. By gaining threat intelligence and understanding the different phases of a cyber-attack, enterprises could build a better cyber defensive posture against the threats. Based on this assumption, Fortinet has outlined 7 phases of a cyber-attack and prescribes precautionary steps to counter each of them. (Read the full story here)

9. Google, Amex Top List Of Best Employers In India

As per the recent findings of an ET survey on best organizations in India, Google India secured top rank amongst the list of best companies to work for. The list was followed by American Express and also includes IT companies like SAP Labs and Intuit India Product Development center. So what makes an organization a great place to work? What are their best kept secrets? To know more about the list of best employers, read the story. (Read the full story here)

10. 5 Big Data Trends Transforming Healthcare

Big data is generating a lot of excitement in every industry including healthcare. The value for big data in healthcare today is largely limited to research because using big data requires a very specialized skill set.  Those who are doing it right are getting tremendous value in their business. Here are some of the big data trends that are transforming healthcare sector. (Read the full story here)