Weekly Rewind: Top 10 Stories On CXOToday (Mar 14-18)

by CXOtoday News Desk    Mar 17, 2017

It was another action-packed week in the technology world that can have a significant impact on decision makers in business. Undoubtedly the most exciting update was that the future is moving towards safe and efficient robot-human interaction – dubbed “collaborative robotics” or “cobotics” that  has the power to transform businesses and factory automation.

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Smart clothing is likely to be the future of enterprise wearables. The recent innovation from the combined efforts of Project Jacquard by Google and Levi’s shows that the future of smart clothing is only getting better.

Meanwhile, it could be the end of Reliance Communications as a consumer brand as the new entity may operate under the Aircel brand. This in effect means that there will be only one Reliance brand in the market offering mobile services — Reliance Jio. 

Also India ranked 97th position with 5.6 Mbps average connectivity speed, a moderate climb from its 105th position six months ago in terms of average internet broadband speed. Despite some enhancements, India clearly lags behind many other countries given the speed of internet and its usage.

And like every week, we also have for you interesting interviews, case studies, infographics, and expert columns on various emerging technology and market trends and challenges in the enterprise space. 

Here are some of the top stories of the week on CXOToday you would not want to miss. 

How A Human-Robot Collaboration Can Succeed

Robots have already started replacing human resource in large numbers. But, analysts foresee trends that indicate there will be greater collaboration of human and machine. While the present state of human-robot collaboration is still nascent, more enterprises would seek such an arrangement, going forward.

Smart Clothes: The Future Of Enterprise Wearables

Smart wearables are making their way into the enterprise. While, the current market for wearables is mostly focused on the wrist with Fitbit fitness trackers, and the Apple Watch leading the space, analysts believe the future of the wearable industry is much beyond and enterprises will be the biggest gainers from this revolution. Enter smart clothing - that can be embedded with sensors, connected to smartphones that can now communicate with our devices.

India’s Internet Is Developing Fast, But Has Long Way To Go

India boasts of being the third largest in the world when it comes to internet subscribers and that of a whopping 250 million internet users. Yet, it’s also home to nearly 900 million people who do not have access to the internet. While some developments are taking place, India still has a long way to go in Internet development.

Data Literacy Is Mission Critical For Businesses

In an exclusive interaction with CXOToday, Julian Quinn, Regional Vice President of Qlik APAC, offers insights about the data literacy trends in the Asia Pacific region and how organizations are making a shift towards consumer centric hybrid business model.

Is It Curtains For Brand RCom Post Aircel Merger?

It could be curtains for Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group company Reliance Communications (RCom), an iconic brand in India, after the telco got regulator approval for its merger with Aircel. This would be the end of RCom as a consumer brand as the new entity may operate under the Aircel brand.

IoT Protocols: Finding Value Through The Chaos

The Internet of Things [IoT] communication protocol is like a maze and CIOs get confused on which communication protocols to choose. Experts believe, communication protocols need to be grouped together, like puzzle pieces, and when implemented in the right direction, these can bring tremendous value to business.

Cloud Telephony Can Help SMEs Scale New Heights

Earlier, contact center technology was limited only to the large enterprises or big BPOs. But in the last few years, in India, there has been an exponential growth and adoption of cloud telephony. The key drivers of this technology are the SMEs, who are relentlessly competing with their larger counterparts in terms of offering quality services to their clients. 

What’s Stopping CIOs From Embracing DevOps?

DevOps has become increasingly popular as a means of speeding up technology projects, but a new study reveals that organizations are facing a number of challenges in adopting it with CIOs citing company culture, legacy systems, application complexity and budget constraints as key barriers.

CEOs Struggle With Social Media Engagement: Study

CEOs of top global companies are visible online in social media and on their company websites. However, in terms of social engagement, they still have a long way to go, according to a recent report that CEOs and other executives can amplify and deepen their company narratives by creating social content and sharing it online.

CISOs Getting Smart; But Cyber Criminals Are Smarter

While organizations around the globe and their CISOs are becoming better at identifying breaches, financial attackers have also improved their tactics, techniques and procedures to the point where it becomes difficult to detect threats, leave alone further investigation or remediation.