Weekly Rewind: Top 10 Stories On CXOToday (Nov 7-11)

by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 12, 2016

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The week that went by was marked by two parallel ‘historic’ events in India and in the USA, both having much impact on the respective country’s economy [and even to an extent the global economy] and likewise its businesses. The Indian government caught everyone by surprise early this week when it announced Rs 1000/500 currency be banned overnight in a measure to curb the use of black money. We bring to focus that while the loudest cheer had come from online payment companies, tweeting around that cash is dead, what is the real picture in the economy that can have a bearing on businesses?

The second major event that shook the entire world this week was that Donald Trump became the President-elect of the US after one of the most surreal and unlikely campaign victories in American politics. We bring to you a coverage on what Donald Trump’s presidency mean for Indian IT sector.

We also bring to you interesting stories on trends and technologies in the areas of artificial intelligence, cyber security, Internet of Things, big data and analytics and digital success stories this week. In addition, we have for our readers’ interviews, research reports and expert columns like every week.


Here are some of the top stories of the week on CXOToday you would not want to miss.

Donald Trump’s Win: What It Means For Indian IT?

The USD150-billion Indian IT industry is facing uncertainty as Republican candidate Donald Trump gets elected as the new president of the US, the country which accounts for around 60 percent of India’s software exports. [Read more]

 Will Ban On Rs 500, 1K Currency Push Digital Payments?

When PM Narendra Modi announced the ban of Rs 1000/500 currency notes, he aimed at curbing black money. Even though digital payments companies rejoiced the move, broadly terming it as ‘cash is dead,’ in reality, cash may not be dead soon. [Read more]

Why India Needs More Ethical Hackers In The Cyber Space

With the growing number of threats, it is becoming difficult for companies to protect their critical data and systems from the external threats. This has created a huge demand for ethical hackers who can help them in securing their operations and offer them a third person view of their security systems. [Read more]

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Advertising Industry

Advertising agencies are now trying to figure out how they can leverage AI to make their clients’ marketing and advertising efforts more effective.AI is changing this industry, by allowing the customers to avail more immersive engaging, and pragmatic buying experience like never before. [Read more]

Big Data Based Security Solutions Need Of Hour

In a candid interaction with CXOToday, Sunil Gupta, President & COO, Paladion Networks, sheds light on the current cyber security landscape in India. Gupta also emphasizes on leveraging technologies such as Big Data, Machine learning and automation to protect enterprises from the sophisticated cyber threats. [Read more]

What Would Chief Data Officers’ Role Look Like By 2020?

Organizations that have made the strategic decision to introduce the CDO role are looking to get as much new value as possible from this position. As a result, by 2020, 15 percent of successful CDOs will move into CEO, COO, CMO or other C-level positions, says Gartner. [Read more]

How Bots Are Manipulating US Presidential Election

The US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump had innumerable supporting tweets. However, some of these loudest Trump supporters aren’t human. They are bots, according to a study done by University of Southern California computer scientists. [Read more]

5 Most Job-Friendly Tech Skills In 2017

Skills in cloud, mobile, analytics and all that’s digital – that’s what employers are looking at, in their employees to meet the current wave of technology this year. The trend will be even stronger in 2017, says a new LinkedIn study. [Read more]

How Google Pixel Poses A Big Threat To Apple, Samsung


Google Pixel is not just another Android phone. While the new Pixel phone clearly launched a direct assault on its biggest rival, Apple, it happens to come at a time when Samsung faced a reputation crisis. Experts believe whether Pixel is already posing a threat to Apple and Samsung. [Read more]