Weekly Rewind: Top 10 Stories On CXOtoday

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 30, 2016

Weekly Rewind Top 10 Stories On CXOtodayJuly2530


We bring to you some interesting updates in the last week of July that was dominated by a series of acquisitions. Topping the list was Oracle’s USD 9.3 billion purchase of NetSuite, one of the most anticipated acquisitions in the technology industry that was finally announced this week. Verizon buying Yahoo for USD 4.5 billion to compete with Facebook and Google (or that’s what they believe) also made news this week.

Back home, Flipkart-owned Myntra acquired fashion e-tailer Jabong, for USD 70 billion, marking one of the biggest deals in India’s online shopping space. We also explored the top ten mergers and acquisitions in the history of technology that had disastrous endings.

As Amazon defeated its competitor Flipkart to become the preferred online retail destination for consumers in the Indian metros, we analyzed what Amazon has done right that Flipkart did not?

Meanwhile, cyber threats are raising their ugly heads, in the form of anonymous web trolls as on a separate report, security experts claimed that SWIFT transactions are leading to more and more cyber-attacks on banks.

We also bring to you some interesting research reports, expert views and interviews on CXOtoday this week.

So, here are the top stories on the site which you just cannot afford to miss.

#1. What Oracle Gains From NetSuite Deal?

Oracle is buying NetSuite for USD 9.3 billion. While Oracle has been bullish on its cloud services, it hasn’t been able to offset the decline in its core software license revenue, with companies increasingly shifting to cloud-based applications. Hence, buying cloud software company NetSuite can be a winning decision for Oracle. (Read the full story here)

#2. Non-Anonymous Web Trolls On The Rise: Study

Earlier, digital crooks used to hide their identity while spreading hate speech in the virtual space. Now they do not bother about the fear of revelation of identity. Non anonymous online trolls are on rise, according to a study, conducted by researchers at University of Zurich that suggests that a ban on anonymity will likely fail to prevent the feared ‘firestorms’ but possibly aggravate them even more. (Read the full story here)

#3. Amazon Overtakes Flipkart: Here’s How They Did It

Amazon had overtaken its competitor Flipkart as the preferred online retail destination for consumers in the Indian metros. One may ask, what has Amazon done that Flipkart did not? A closer look reveals that Jeff Bezos actually broke the rules for India. Amazon realized the potential of India’s middle class, their penchant for cash transactions, and the third-party seller push necessitated by tough FDI rules that forbade direct sales to customers online. (Read the full story here)

#4. Flipkart’s Myntra Buys Jabong For USD 70 Mn

In what appears to be part of a continued spell of consolidation in the online retail space, Myntra, the company owned by e-tailing giant Flipkart, reportedly acquired rival brand Jabong from Global Fashion Group at USD 70 million. With the acquisition of Jabong, Flipkart has further consolidated its position as the undisputed leader in fashion and lifestyle segment of India. (Read the full story here)

#5. Verizon Buys Yahoo! And, We Find It Tough To Digest

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp for USD 19 billion in 2014, a few eyebrows were raised. Reports of Microsoft deciding to gobble up Linkedin.com for USD 26 billion too made us sit up and take notice. However, when news of Verizon acquiring Yahoo! for USD 4.6 billion came along, the industry just stifled a yawn. What’s the Big Deal? (Read the full story here)

#6. Ten Disastrous Tech M&As Of All Time

The technology industry has seen several mega mergers over the past decade-and-half. All were announced with a lot of fanfare and many went through tough times thereafter, despite the very valid reasons that brought them together initially - more business, more profits and better technology. Here are some of the biggest tech mergers and acquisitions in the history of technology that ended in failure. (Read the full story here)

#7. Are SWIFT Transactions A Threat To Banking Security?

Three successive incidents of cyber-attacks on banks over the past eighteen months have left cyber experts fuming at the safety lacunae in the transactions authorized via SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) network. Security experts claim that SWIFT transactions could result in more cyber-attacks on banks in the coming days. (Read the full story here)

#8. Money matters, But IT Pros Look Beyond: Study

While ‘Take-Home’ remains of prime importance in evaluating compensation, other factors, such as growth prospects, future earning potential, performance-based allowances, ESOPs, housing, schooling, medical, and other benefits play an important role as well, reveals a new study. (Read the full story here)

#9. Driverless Cars Are The Future Of Auto Sector

Driverless cars are no longer a science fiction but an impending reality. As the automotive electronics industry is set to grow, there is a huge opportunity for semiconductor players to innovate in this space. In an exclusive interaction, Sanjay Gupta, Senior Director at NXP Semiconductors talks about the future of driverless cars and the market opportunity for semiconductor players in this space. (Read the full story here)

#10. How To Successfully Embed Your Own Visual Content

Humans are visual animals, and any IT professional or business owner who is hoping to attract more clients or to engage with customers more effectively, has to take visual content seriously. High quality images, memes, videos and infographics are essential weapons in the fight for business, and can help your site make the maximum possible market impact. (Read the full story here)