What It Means For Start-Ups To Be Global Leaders

by CXOtoday News Desk    Mar 06, 2015

Rajinder Gandotra

Avekshaa Technologies, started in 2011, has brought in a paradigm shift in the way Performance, Availability, Security and Scalability (P-A-S-S) requirements are delivered for Business Critical Applications and IT systems through a proactive, holistic and integrated approach. Specialization in verticals like BFSI, retail, telecom and energy verticals, has got the company some clients renowned in the banking sector.

Rajinder Gandotra, Co-Founder & CEO, Avekshaa Technologies, says the core of the company is innovation which helps them to strive to be an organization of vision, ideas and leadership.In an exclusive interview, he talks about the challenges faced by them as a start-up and the company’s roadmap.

What were the challenges you faced as a startup and how did you overcome them?The biggest challenge was to gain trust initially and changing the mind set of CIOs, CMOs or IT managers that we can provide holistic, and integrated solution using Avekshaa technology platform which would lead to better efficiency, performance & reliable IT systems. Of course, we did make few errors during our early days but we were quick enough to come up with contingency measures to address on an ongoing process.

Every start-up has their share of challenges and hurdles and we were no exception. Avekshaa team consists of senior IT pros who are well versed and specialized, wherein they could connect to any industry problem instantly.

The existing clients were the strength for us as the Word of Mouth referral on the P-A-S-S platform led solutions and the USP it has for the sector. With a strong front line experienced workforce who are specialized in IT sales & Marketing, We were able to reflect our credence by creating result oriented performance solutions for our clients in the End to End Project Solutions.This helped us in driving new business through key accounts thus establishing strategic partnerships and principal relationships to increase organizational revenue in the emerging markets as well.

What is Avekshaa’s roadmap for future?

With a projected revenue of 100 M US$. We envision to reach global markets apart from USA, UK, Australia and India. We aim to be a Market leader globally in the niche P-A-S-S Assurance space and thus transform IT delivery of our clients thereby ensuring IT Reliability no longer impacts our clients’ business and profitability.

What does it take for Indian companies to create challengers to market leaders in startup areas likes Salesforce that have registered inorganic growth in five years?

Disruptive and innovative global products are the only way out to establish global dominance and constantly evolve with the trend to challenge market leaders. Apart from disruptive invention, long term commitment, a vision with strong management team is critical to scale it up globally.

What is the driving force for creating global-class products or solutions in India? Is ‘the global first’ strategy the best in marketing?

To expand to a larger market and acquiring the maximum customer base is the norm we see which causes firms to create global class products. The ‘customer first’ strategy is the best over ‘global first’ strategy when it comes to marketing as eventually the customer is the end user of the brand in segmented markets and then comes the global market scenario.

Many Indian start-ups are being acquired by global giants. So when you set up a company, what is the motivational factor: Innovation or incremental?

For us at Avekshaa it was purely ardent passion to create innovation which was the need of the hour. Where our aim was to be a leading, global, specialized provider of P-A-S-S (Performance, Availability, Security, Scalability) platform based solution in the Assurance Space that will transform the IT delivery of our customers leading to better business results.Innovation helps us to strive to be a person of vision, ideas and leadership. We have always been passionate towards developing Solutions and thus have been able in creating great solutions across teams and are expanding further in days to come.

(This interview was first published on supportbiz.com)