What It Means to Be a 'Woman' Entrepreneur


Has it been an easy ride being a women entrepreneur?  Ahem. How do I respond to a question that is fundamental to my existence? Is it easy? Is it tough? Or is it plain normal. Something every entrepreneur, man or woman faces. Honestly I don’t know; I am not so sure. So, I re-phrase the question. Would it be easy if I were a man… my truthful answer is a straight No.

But having said this, I do feel that being a woman entrepreneur comes with its own perils. They are no more, no less than what any man would face. Just different. So, I spell out the challenges of most women working in ownership positions.

My first challenge is getting my work life balance. I am always going to be a wife and mom, a friend and a daughter (in-law). And trust me I love each relation, despite knowing that I will always have to walk a tight rope. So, I put together a force around me that works as ‘my’ team. Each responsible, focussed, trusted, engaged in all that I am doing and going through. I shamelessly bring my work home every day, for all to work together on it. Sometimes, they work harder than they realise. They are my answers and bouncing boards at the same time.

I always need to be ahead of the curve. I need to know, build and understand the way the world is changing so fast every day around and its immediate and long term impact on my work. I need to ensure that the group I work with draws inspiration and joy from what they do every day. They elevate their own thinking and move towards a better way of working while maintaining individuality and drive. All I do is keep the passion going.

Business is usually associated with a lot of negatives - aggressive, cut throat, gory. I am working hard on this challenge such that I don’t lose my nurturing, warm, effective and positive work style. I don’t need to be a man. I am the other side of the coin and I can see things differently and can handle situations without compromising my feminity, wisdom, equamanity and dignity. I try hard to get this right.

One of the major challenges is to fight for your rights and dues like a gentle lady! Being a woman by nature and an entrepreneur by profession it is tough to ask for what should rightly be yours. People try to take advantage of the soft tone and easy work style. I am not a smoke bellowing, bad mouthed, hard nut cracker. I like to create pleasantness in my work and I ensure that I am not taken for a ride and I deliver on schedule every time.

Last but not least, I respect people for what they do and I expect them to accord the same courtesy. Work is personal and emotional for me. I find it laughable when people in position react on gender and appearances more than the merit of propositions. It’s strange how they try very hard to put a woman in place by referring to stereotypes. This mind-set we have to fight very hard to eliminate. It’s a challenge of our everyday life.

 But one thing I wholeheartedly acknowledge, for every challenge there is a strong supporting hand upholding all that I stand for. I have gone ahead and fully recruited my husband, my dad, my sons, my in-laws, my friends, my colleagues and my partners to deliver a shared dream. They have invested equally if not more in my endeavours and it’s in their favour to see me succeed. And I am truly shameless about it!

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