What Makes Google, Microsoft Best Employers?

by CXOtoday News Desk    Apr 24, 2015


When it comes to choosing the ‘Best Workplace,’ some organizations simply stand out in the eyes of their employees. When it comes to the tech sector, in the last couple of years, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and several other consultancies and research agencies have consistently ranked companies such as Google, Microsoft, and HP among several others as the best employers.

A recent Randstand study done in India, also showed Google as the most attractive employer in the country followed by Sony, Microsoft, HP, Infosys, IBM, TCS and Wipro among others as great places to work. It is interesting to observe how some of these tech companies are playing their cards, allowing their people to build their career in a ‘dream’ destination.

Focus on the ‘Employee’

Noted investor and author, Will Ashworth notes that any company that’s truly interested in customer satisfaction must first meet the needs of its employees; otherwise, it’s putting the cart before the horse. “Employees are the face of any brand. The quickest way to destroy brand equity is to disrespect them. Once you’ve lost trust, it’s only a matter of time before you lose the customer. And without customers, you have no business!” he said in an interview to Forbes.

As a Google employee based in Hyderabad, commented, “Google has got everything aspiring professionals would want in a workplace: career opportunities, compensation, benefits, work-life balance and strong leadership – these are things any employee would aspire.”

 Another Micosoft employee believes the passion and teamwork here at Microsoft is unsurpassed anywhere. “It’s easy for everyone to be positive when you’re on top, but when you’re challenged, you tend to see a different side. The belief in our company and each other is truly special,” she says.

Likewise, Glassdoor career trends analyst Scott Dobroski once said in an Inc interview that it is not always the money that matters. He gave example of Google employees who said that its about the job satisfaction from the benefits, getting to work with ‘genius’ co-workers and unparalleled career opportunity that holds them to the company.

The India factor

The Indian scenario may be a little different. According to the latest Randstad report for example, which polled more than 8,500 respondents, while choosing an employer, Indian workforce give the utmost importance to competitive salary and employee benefits, followed by long-term job security.

The top five influencing factors are salary and employee benefits (54%), long-term job security (49%), work-life balance (39%), pleasant working atmosphere (39%) and financial health of the company (38%).

Randstad India CEO, Moorthy K Uppaluri said that as Indian economy and job market continues to gain momentum, it is putting pressure on corporate India to retain and attract best talent. He adds that employer branding plays a vital role as it provides an advantage to attract and retain top talent.

The top three most attractive sectors are IT and Communication (72%), followed by FMCG and retail (68%) and automobile (67%), respectively. Microsoft India, which topped the list consecutively for the past four years, has been inducted into the ‘hall of fame’ category this year. The sector-specific special recognition awards this year has been awarded to Tata Steel for manufacturing, P&G for FMCG and Honda India for automobile verticals.

The study emphasized that in the current competitive business environment, attracting and retaining the right talent are key to organisation success. With the economy bouncing back, it’s time now for the country’s IT industry to better articulate and strengthen their employer brand to attract, manage and retain the top talent.