What Makes SHAREit So Bullish On India Market

by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 23, 2017


Cross platform sharing mobile app SHAREit, which has achieved a milestone of 1.2 billion user base worldwide, according to a company statement, which added that with 30% of the total user base from India and over 300 million downloads, India is a key market and focus area for SHAREit’s global expansion plans.

SHAREit’s success proves that India is capable of creating an internet giant. Starting with 100 million downloads in March 2014, SHAREit has created a benchmark with attaining 1.2billion users worldwide in a span of 2.5years. Building startup is not easy. Not only in India, globally, many startups have failed to achieve success in a matter of years. Even Forbes magazine reveals that 90 percent of startups established in the world fail. Only 10 percent of startups are successful.

Based on the intensive research conducted it has been noted that youngsters in major Indian cities, in the age group of 16-28 are the most active downloader’s and avid users of SHAREit and has reached out to more than 200 countries and regions and it is currently available 39 languages. For the India market, SHAREit is available in Hindi as it is more convenient for Indian users to share content.

Jason Wang, Managing Director, SHAREit India said, “We are very proud and grateful to all our users globally.  SHAREit is a popular app across all age groups and it has become the most valuable social content-integrated distribution platform in the emerging markets. It also provides a platform and makes an important effect in the fields of music, video, picture, application etc. SHAREit has rapidly grown to become one of the most important channels through which users can transfer files and enjoy music and videos.”

As per App Annie data, SHAREit has been ranking No.1 in 8 countries (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, South Africa, and Bangladesh) on Google Play for all categories. Some of the key features of SHAREit are - the speed can go up to 20M/s, 200 times faster than Bluetooth, SHAREit is not only available in Android, but also in iOS, Windows and PC. The best feature about the app is that one can transfer content without any data charges.

With India still at an early stage of transformation when it comes to online, the company deployed their breakthrough Hotspot DirectAccess technology to solve the issues associated with slow internet speeds as a result of the lack of infrastructure. The technology allows high speed sharing despite the absence of a suitable internet connection, significantly increasing the rate at which music, video, and other types of files are being shared between different users.

According to a senior company spokesperson, Content sharing communities based on SHAREit can be easily found in Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities with large populations, especially among college students. In the last two years, popular “SHAREit on campus” events have further enhanced the relationship between college students and SHAREit. In addition, SHAREit has also become one of the most important channels through which users receive their daily news and information, even in small and medium-sized cities with underdeveloped internet connections.

Earlier this year, SHAREit had introduced four new interesting features to the app such as SHAREit Vault, CLONEit, Webshare, and an integrated music player, designed essentially for the Indian consumers. With the growing popularity of the app across the country, SHAREit is planning to create a version of the app in Hindi to reach to a larger audience based in tier 2, tier 3 and rural areas who may have less access or no access to the internet. According to a recent blog, the sharing app is transforming the social landscape and changed the world through sharing, with a keen eye on Indian market.