What makes tech companies great places to work?

by CXOtoday News Desk    Oct 24, 2013

Happy employees


It is not easy to retain the top slot as a ‘great workplace’ year after year. But tech companies have consistently emerged as the preferred destinations in such surveys. The Great Place to Work 2013 survey shows that this year too, the top four ranks are occupied by technology companies. While internet giant Google was the obvious choice at number one, it was followed by SAS Institute at #2, NetApp at #3 and Microsoft at #4. The other prominent IT companies in the Top 10 include National Instruments at 9, Cisco at the tenth position.

What is it that makes tech companies the hot favorites? Sudipta K Sen, CEO & Managing Director, SAS Institute India says, “We are convinced that workplace recognition and revenue growth are not coincidental and is a reflection of our belief that treating employees well is good business and the key to driving the innovation that continues to keep us in a leadership position.”

NetApps’s Tom Mendoza writes in his blog, “We’ve always been a company that aspired to great things. When we were $43 million in revenue we had a five year plan which included achieving $1 billion. Three years in we were at $250 million. The next two years we doubled twice, to hit $1 billion. If we’d set the goal at $600 million, we would have only hit that. (As I’ve said before, good goals are critical.)

Apart from being highly goal-driven and focused on revenue growth, most of these companies insist that they care for their employees. But the important thing is to provide a motivating environment where people can also work towards their individual aspirations and flourish. Mendoza writes, “Every company says, ‘People are our most important asset.’ What I say is, ‘Other than compensation, tell me how you show it.’ We want employees to feel they’re appreciated and that they have opportunities because of the accomplishments we made.”

“The companies listed on the third-annual World’s Best Multinational Workplaces list are creating workplaces dedicated to fostering trust, pride and camaraderie amongst their employees,” says China Gorman, CEO of Great Place to Work. “Their inclusion on this prestigious list demonstrates their commitment to continually improving the lives of their employees and setting innovative new standards for workplaces of the future.”

It may be difficult to define work culture and the factors that contribute to creating a good overall environment. Great Place to Work uses a framework that is built on the basis of interaction between managers, supervisors and their employees. The attitude of the top management generally plays a key role in determining the cultural values of an organization.

The Great Place to Work model is built on 9 parameters: Sharing, Inspiring, Speaking, Listening, Thanking, Developing, Caring, Hiring and Celebrating. Best Companies not only take pride in their accomplishments, but also take the time to remind employees how their efforts impact the broader community. No wonder factors like sharing, listening and thanking have been included in the list!