What Your Business Needs - Is A Mango Tree!


At the onset of mango season [every summer], mango lovers find different ways to satiate their mango mania and enjoy respite from scorching heat. With mango tree offering more than 100 varieties of mangoes, it sets a perfect example of customer delight. A single tree with help of grafting (joining a strong root base of one plant with stem of the desired variant) can produce over 300 variants. Can grafting help businesses produce products/services as enticing as mangoes?

Rooting with BPM

Businesses are driven by their vision. To achieve company’s vision, strategies are set and to accomplish those all employees perform several activities. These activities which one may define or not are inherently part of a process. To realize the company vision, it is imperative that your roots in this case - processes are strong and efficiently driven.

Most of the mango varieties do not produce true-to-type (clones) of the parent. To ensure the consistent and rich mango taste, mangoes are propagated through grafting. In businesses, to ensure the end result to be as enticing as mango fruit, it is essential that we lay a strong foundation for our off-shooting business with a robust Business Process Management (BPM) system as our root stock. BPM empowers organizations to design processes, deploy and monitor them. If the produce is not what we expect, it allows you to alter the process and repeat the cycle. BPM automates mission critical processes - making them more efficient, reducing errors and improving cycle times. With BPM as our root system, it can be grafted with multiple stems to produce a diverse variety of fruits.

It’s Raining Mangoes

Talking numbers, there are over 1000 varieties of mangoes in India alone. Likewise, BPM has multiple use cases and is functional across industries. Below are a few industries bearing multiple fruits using BPM:

Transforming Banking processes : With BPM as banks root system, it ensures a delectable on-boarding customer experience. By grafting with the core banking systems, banks ensure smooth operations branching out to multiple processes such as lending, trade finance, wealth management, account opening and others.

Reforming Healthcare functions : Leveraging BPM at its core, healthcare payers have streamlined multiple processes such as appeals and grievances, claims repair, enrollment and provider contracting. With these automated processes, health plans can ensure better care, satisfied members, improved compliance and extensive providers network.

Digitizing Government operations : Governments across nations are transforming their operations, demonstrating increased visibility and accountability to its citizens with BPM serving as a strong base foundation.

Enhancing Telecom service experience : Telecom Service Providers aim for a superior customer service at various customer touch points. With BPM grafted with Document management system it allows for - increased coordination with subscribers, improved responsiveness to customers and reduced errors in billing processes.

Driving Compliance in Insurance : The BPM foundation enables robust KYC process along with monitoring capabilities to prevent fraudulent claims. Further, leveraging mobility allows insurance agents to connect with customers right at their doorsteps.

Gone are the days when BPM took a back seat, streamlining only backend operations. With BPM roots deepening in organizations, it’s leading from the forefront handling customer interactions contextually in tandem with Enterprise Content Management and Customer Content Management systems.

Alphonso or Dashehari ?

The choice is not easy and never will be. What Dashehari is to a Delhiite; is what an Alphonso to a Mumbaikar.

Everyone has different tastes, similarly every business has different business needs. For some, BPM is all about streamlining, reducing operational efficiencies and to some it will be about enhancing customer experience; for others there is a mounting pressure to meet compliance hence, BPM.

In the current scenario, we can say that every business has flavor of both structured and unstructured processes. So we have BPM as the root base to automate and streamline structured processes. But what about the unstructured ones ?

Let’s take the case of our mango tree, with grafting done as per the set procedure, the root stock and stem set. We take it out in the sun and it rains. Such emergent scenarios need to be dealt on a daily basis in our business routine and require flexibility in processes. Comparing this with the classic case of a customer calling a call centre for some query. The customer needs to speak with a technical representative but the set procedures does not allow for that level of flexibility, resulting in poor customer experience.

With an aim to produce more dynamic and agile processes, we build (graft) case management systems on BPM platform. Case Management systems based on BPM platform helps businesses handle exceptions as they come and with contextual insights empower resources to become responsive knowledge workers.

 Go Mangoes with BPM

It’s not about choosing between alphonso or dashehari nor it’s not about choosing between BPM and case management. With our never ending love and craving for mangoes, the choice would depend on one’s taste. Likewise, BPM and case management systems are specific to business needs, they are not an alternative rather they complement each other, empowering you to handle both structured and unstructured processes seamlessly.

BPM has been around from quite some time and can form the core of business operations. With its roots grounded in business processes across industries, it needs to be grafted right to flourish manifold.