Where do you find the best coders in India?

by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 14, 2013


If you thought Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, housed the country’s best coders and developers, you could be in for a surprise. In a recent survey by Techgig.com, Pune has emerged as the city with the best coders in the country, followed by Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad/Secunderabad and Delhi/NCR.

Even though Bangalore might still have a higher population of IT professionals, Pune has been fast emerging as a great hub for freelance developers and product companies. Its proximity to Mumbai and presence of a large number of tech companies are perhaps important factors contributing to its growth.

Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore are also known to have an abundance of games development studios and therefore some of the best coding talent. Estimates indicate that these locations together account for almost 95% of the game development studios.

The Delhi/NCR has been relatively younger when it comes to the software development industry. However, with some of the leading multinational companies setting up base here, things are building up. Satellite areas like Manesar and Greater Noida have also been witnessing a lot of growth in the recent past.

According to experts, development companies generally look for the following skills while hiring developers:

- Experience in problem solving and app development for specific business problems with the help of a defined set of tech tools

- Ability to comprehend the requirements clearly and translate them into codes

-  Key personality traits like self-discipline, flexibility and a positive attitude

-  A genuine interest in programming and working on innovative ideas

-  Familiarity with global best practices, technologies, design and architecture patterns

-  A practical, simple and logical approach to programming, avoiding too much complexity

- Good learning ability, adaptability, communication skills and team spirit