Why Businesses Must Learn To Swim In Data Lake


With the increasing need of organizations to process huge volumes of raw data from disparate sources, there has been a significant rise in the demand and need for Data Lake in India.

The concept of the Data Lake is to bring all the organization’s information into a common platform that allows one to look at their archives, information, CCTV’s and network analytics. All of the various elements across the business has started to build a cross business module.

Also, with the unprecedented growth of data, customers are challenged with managing the data as well as deriving value from the data. A business data lake is a complete way of bringing data, applications and analytics together. Data is ingested, catalogued, inventoried and controlled regardless of the source or destination. It delivers analytics capability where needed; down to the point of data inception and ingest.

When we think about how the organizations are driving innovations today, we need to look at how the customer processes are taking place. It is important to identify where the gap and to address it accordingly. When the application’s drawback gets detected, one has to look at all the engaging customs too.

How does one get all their constructive information in a common place which can then be then used to drive cross business analytics into innovation, transformation and initiate selling to the markets?

The under open strategy of the business is that it should be massive in scale and it must able to host multiple applications across a common platform. Hence Data Lake helps to culminate both size and scalable performance. It also helps in driving the maximum activity along with density, keeping in mind how one can keep their data with the smallest possible footprints. One can look at the Data Lake for information to reside in a common place without having to compromise the customer experience.

Data Lake allows centralizing all the elements of the business, whether it’s Internet banking, internal network, etc. Those kind of things become critical while understanding the evolving nature of threats. So Data Lake can be used to make great business decisions in terms of new products. It helps businesses ready to deal with new business threats that don’t exist today but can come tomorrow. 

Any organization having direct interaction with their consumers, which has a risk of losing consumers and also wants to enhance market share, invests heavily in Data Lake as a platform and some analytics decision-making tools that provide value. 

Therefore, due to the low cost of storing data, ability to scale data to massive size, building one single repository for all sources of information, and reducing downtime with preventive techniques, the popularity of Data Lake in India has increased significantly.

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