Indian Marketers Yet To Grasp The Mobile Magic

by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 23, 2015


Indian marketers are facing certain challenges when it comes to leveraging mobile channel in marketing. A latest research, conducted by Warc in association with The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) found that 75 percent of Indian marketers are assigning 10 percent or less of their budgets to mobile as compared to 66 per cent of Asia-Pacific marketers. However, majority of Indian marketers expect budgets to rise by 25 percent this year.  

The industry reveals that around 47 percent audience believe that mobile as a marketing channel is effective and that it will benefit the brands and hence, education becomes extremely crucial at this stage. Findings also showed location-based marketing is seen as the most important mobile technology today, and will remain so in 2020. It’s expected to rise from 84 percent to 88 percent by 2020. The Telecom sector is thought to be the most innovative in India at present, with 39 percent of respondents deeming it such.  

The report said that multi-screening is recognized as the most significant consumer trend in India, along with mobile payments and streaming video. Consumer behaviour in India with regards to mobile usage is dramatic with 68 per cent of consumers opting for multi screening. With regards to Mobile Marketing, content has become the king with most marketers focussing on content, search and app development.   “It’s clear from the study that there is still a long way to go before brands and agencies in India understand the full potential of mobile for reaching consumers,” said, Edward Pank, Managing Director at Warc Asia Pacific.  

Other findings from the survey revealed that Hindustan Unilever is regarded as the most innovative mobile brand in India, followed by brands like Flipkart, Samsung and Amazon. The availability and reliability of performance metrics was flagged by 40 percent of Indian marketers as the greatest obstacle to the success of mobile marketing. Social media is the most used channel and over half use mobile as a supporting channel.  

“For brands to really see the impact of mobile on their operations, they need to focus on three I’s including Investment, Innovation, and Integration. Instead of looking at mobile in isolation as a marketing channel with a certain set of capabilities, brands need to leverage its unique features to innovate and push their creative limits,” said Rohit Dadwal, managing director of Mobile Marketing Association Asia-Pacific.