Why Securing Data Should Be Your No.1 Priority

by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 30, 2015


The last couple of years saw many high-profile data breaches and hacks, which experts believe would amplify in the coming year. While projects such as ‘Digital India’ will open windows of opportunities for businesses and customers, cyber espionage attacks will also continue to increase in frequency as cyber goons will look for ways to steal sensitive information and disrupt their adversaries.

A recent roundtable on IT Security:Are we leaving the main door open?’ organized by data security firm WinMagic made an effort towards understanding enterprise security landscape in India from CIO’s and security services provider perspective. The discussions centred on latest security trends both globally and in India. Various key trends pertaining to adoption of security solutions in different areas like cloud, BYOD, Internet of Things (IOT) and IT security scenario in India.  

During the discussion, Mark Hickman, Chief Operating Officer, WinMagic stated, “World has understood the importance of securing data as it the most valuable commodity. Globally, the trend that has evolved over the years has been of adoption of cloud solutions for most businesses. The coming years will see the notion of security being a secure platform − rather than a series of point products or devices on the network – gaining traction.”

With a special mention of initiatives such as Digital India, where security is paramount, Hickman stated that the expectation on security professionals will be to deliver a secure platform that allows the business to confidently run multiple applications, in a secure environment.

 What particularly becomes important here is the CIOs role in coping with IT security challenges. Vipin Kumar, Group CIO, Escorts Ltd commented, “CIOs always are interested to choose best of breed solutions to secure data for their organization. WinMagic’s capability of offering efficient, robust and seamless solution is remarkable.” He added “…as a CIO I also foresee the key trend in the coming few years will see a shift towards cloud solution, be it private, public or hybrid.”

Rahul Kumar, Country Director and Manager, WinMagic India believes India is yet to see great innovations in the IT security space, but the trends that we are seeing now are also encouraging. The key trend in this domain is that customers are also looking forward to adopt cloud security services. “The major drivers for security that we would notice in India will be across wide sectors like banks, FSIs, IT/ITES, manufacturing sector etc. One can see more budget allocation towards security equipment, and a shift towards overall comprehensive security.”

“The networked nature of today’s world, coupled with the increasing intensity and frequency of cyber-attacks, means that we might just be a major attack or two away from creating a domino effect that could spread around the globe disrupting business and society,” said Dhanya Thakkar, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Trend Micro at another recent cyber security event in Mumbai.

A recent Report by Trend Micro also revealed that the nature of attacks is evolving – no longer are just corporate networks at risk. Cybercriminals are also attacking Internet-connected physical infrastructure such as petrol stations and automated vehicular systems. According to the report, hackers are taking more strategic approaches, refining their approach and targeting more selective victims to improve their infection rates. In the APAC market alone, with the number of malware detections across APAC in Q2 2015 has reached over 118 million, said the report.