Why Should you go for Cloud Computing?

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 25, 2008

The top ten reasons enterprises will accelerate cloud adoption according to Skytap are :

* Eliminates infrastructure constraints:
Cloud-based services allow companies to dynamically scale virtual environments quickly and cost-effectively based on business demand.

* Turns upfront Cap-Ex into Op-Ex:
Usage is billed hourly, enabling organizations to pay for what they use without investing in unused capacity.

* Brings software to market faster
Development organizations can support critical business initiatives by delivering applications faster using the cloud.

* Applications run unchanged in a virtual lab:
Companies do not need to modify or rewrite applications for the cloud using a virtual lab, so they can use cloud resources as an extension of their onsite environments.

* Enables global team collaboration with a shared virtual data center:
Developers and testers can collaborate and resolve problems on the same virtual machines in real time over the Web

* Accelerates provisioning time with a self-service model:
A cloud-based virtual lab automation solution provides a self-service web portal so development and QA professionals can deploy environments without involving an IT administrator.

* Increases software quality and predictability:
IT environments in the cloud can be suspended at the point of failure, allowing testers to ‘check in’ the virtual machine configuration to a shared library.

* Reduces server sprawl:
Cloud-based virtual labs have an easy-to-manage configuration library that helps enterprises manage, track and deploy virtual machines while eliminating underutilized physical hardware.

* Creates pre-production ’sandboxes’ to test the impact of production changes:
IT operations will become cost-effective for maintenance and pre-production environment changes can be tested before production deployment.

* Allows IT operations teams to focus on production uptime:
Cloud-based virtual labs eliminate set-up and tear-down time, allowing IT operations teams to focus work on production systems rather than spending cycles on lab environments.

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