Why The Future of V2X Technology Is Promising


V2X or Vehicle to Everything technology is a communication technology that allows vehicles to communicate with various electronic devices in the vicinity, so as to know more about traffic situations, before the road becomes visible to the driver. It is an intelligent system in which, all infrastructure systems and vehicles are interconnected and this connectivity sends precise information of traffic to the entire road network. This technology will help optimize the traffic flow tremendously and also reduce road accidents. It would also avoid the possibility of road congestions and minimize the greenhouse emissions.

V2X Technology has a lot opportunity and scope in the enterprise, since this technology is still under a lot of research and the future seems promising with potential in airplanes and trains.

Current Opportunities for V2X Technology

Hazard Warning:

There are a lot of potential problems when someone is driving on the road, be it day or night. You have to give way to an ambulance and it becomes a problem when it happens quite suddenly. There may be roadwork going on in half a kilometer and you would have no idea about it until it’s too late. A rash driver might cut his or her traffic light at the intersection while you have a green light giving you less time to react. A lot of mishaps can be avoided using V2X technology.

V2X can help your vehicle communicate with other vehicles to gather information about speeding cars, so that you have enough time to take evasive action. Similarly, you can be warned about an ambulance or road work ahead of time.

Public Transport Prioritization:

Public Transport Vehicles take up a lot of space and move slowly. With the help of V2X, these vehicles could be given priority at traffic lights so that road congestions and time taken to navigate traffic are drastically reduced.

Intersection Assistance:

This is one of the major opportunities of V2X technologies. Intersections are often blind spots for most drivers and traffic lights at intersections can sometimes be misleading. If the car and traffic lights can communicate with each other, then the car can make informed decisions such as slowing down automatically when the lights are about to turn amber.

City Information:

Another opportunity that V2X technology provides is general city information. This could be commercialized as well. For example, you are new to a city and don’t know anything about the best tourist spots. If your car has V2X enabled, then it can point out places of interest to you as you drive around. It can also help you find empty parking spots and cheapest gas pump.

Over-the-Air Electronic Payment Services

IEEE Standard for Intelligent Transport System defines over-the-air electronic payment protocols, identity, and payment authentication mechanism. This enables use cases such as toll payment at highways and purchases from within the vehicle.

6.      Platooning

This use case is still under development and has potential of increasing capacity of roads by grouping vehicles in an automated highway system. The system virtually eliminates the reacting or safe distance between the vehicles providing greater fuel economy due to reduced air resistance and traffic congestions/collisions

Future of V2X Technologies

Currently V2X is being developed for cars and research is still going for other vehicular transportation. Here is a brief outlook on the future of travel with V2X communication technologies:


Airplanes have complex radio communications that enable them to ensure that there is no possibility of on-air intersection, and they also have communications with landing towers at the time of landing and taking off, but with the help of this communication technology, airplanes can have a direct communication with other airplanes in their vicinity. Things like warning of bad weather or possible intersection would be much more direct and quick with V2X.


Connecting railways to V2X technology would ensure lesser accidents on rail, quick communication of any kind of hindrance on rail track ahead, traffic blocks so that the rail passes and speed could be controlled depending upon situations ahead. This would also allow further automation of trains and removal of human controllers.


The biggest problem with ships is their size - They are huge, which is why, loss of even one ship can be really expensive. With the help of Ship2X, loss of these heavy vehicles can be prevented and much more efficient travel plans could be made. Weather comes into picture here as well, and V2X technologies can help prevent various disasters.


V2X technology has potential to improve aerial surveillance especially for highways, police aviation services for traffic control, ground support, rescue operations, accident assistance, observation and air patrol.

V2X has a lot of potential and with the help of this communication technology, interconnectivity could become easier, and the possibilities of automation are simply endless.