Why Twitter Is Preferred For Organic Marketing

by CXOtoday News Desk    Apr 04, 2014


While social media networks are proving to be great organic marketing tools, marketers often have a preference for twitter to gain a direct access to enter in the minds of targeted audience. Many believe that organic marketing is the demand of today’s SEO techniques in order to drive potential users, and Twitter can beat its other social media counterparts when it comes to organic marketing. Maadi, a mobile app development company has chalked out six key reasons why marketers often pick Twitter for organic marketing.

Twitter allows users to signify their interest, location, affiliation, etc.

While almost all social networks permit users to post about themselves, allowing users for posting regarding their interest, location and other variables is a fundamental part of social media network. Marketers identify users on the basis of their posted information.

On twitter, users can easily display all information about themselves like name, twitter username, their website, location, their interest, etc. You can’t see the collection of useful information about user at one place on other social media networks.

Twitter allows you to access user information

On Facebook, you have to pay for ads to gain access for user information. LinkedIn also requires subscription charges to make you get in touch of targeted audience. While in twitter, user’s information will be easily available to you without any cost. Reports reveal that most of twitter users don’t use privacy settings. Even if you are not connected with twitter user, then also you can see its information.

Twitter has large number of Potential buyers

For large number of people, Twitter comes after Facebook. But, with twitter you will easily know about your targeted audience as twitter gives you an easy access of user information. With such information, you can easily target your audience with various types of contents. In this way, Twitter avails you potential buyers for your business.

Twitter has professional business and networking culture

At Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, people feel unusual when they are contacted by strangers who insist them for working together. As compared to this, Twitter and Linkedin are more promising for direct contact. We can easily identify whether the user id is fake or real with the help of available information. We can easily trust on twitter culture for professional business.

Twitter contain powerful and open APIs

If you are familiar with Google+ and Pinterest, you must know that both of them have limited APIs. It means that developers can’t make useful apps. Twitter has strong weapon name ManageFlitter which allows third party developers to build apps that facilitate maximum use of social networking sites. It can also post in Facebook and Linkedin, as their APIs have permission for it. To achieve success in marketing campaigns, you surely need applications of third parties for analysis of your efforts and streamline. Twitter is well recognized for its strong and powerful APIs. Twitter counted more than one million apps that are integrated with its API, in 2011

Twitter is free from algorithms

You might have heard about the announcement made by Facebook in November saying that less than 4% of people will see your content if they like it. It means if more than 4% of people liked your content, then many of them will not be allowed to see the content. Social networks will sort your content and filter it for improving user experience. This creates a problem for marketers when they do not get filtered out. Twitter does not possess such type algorithms that made any impact on user’s ability to see the content. Twitter has a sorting list for you that let you choose users who you want to look at your content.