Will A Merger Save Twitter?

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jun 06, 2016

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With the earlier reports of Twitter’s popularity decline and dwindling user base, hinting at the brewing troubles for the microblogging site, now fresh reports have emerged claiming that Twitter has approached Yahoo for a potential merger. 

Reports suggest that Twitter executives met Marissa Mayer, the Yahoo CEO to discuss the possibilities of a merger. The striking fact about this meeting was that Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO was absent from the meeting. 

“Twitter is the destination for instant news and Yahoo has a lot of eyeballs on its site. The idea is not as crazy as you might think,” the source was quoted as saying. However, it is evident that the meeting has failed to generate any visible value additions to the parties involved.

Jack Dorsey’s absence has led to Twitter dropping out of the bidding process. 

Jack Dorsey

While Yahoo remained extremely reclusive and tight lipped about the meeting, a Twitter spokesperson said that the company does not wish to comment on rumors and speculations. 

Twitter, despite a decade long existence has had its share of internal management issues. After being dethroned as the CEO of Twitter in 2008, Jack Dorsey was later brought back in an attempt to revamp the fading brand image. 

Even if Twitter aggressively revamps the site and improves its stock value, will it be able to stand up against rival site like Facebook and Snapchat?