Will Nanotechnology Transform IT?

by Manu Sharma    Dec 11, 2008

Even though it has already bringing in radical changes in the fields of healthcare, textile, paint, rubber, automobile industries, but lately also seeing advances on the IT front.

Talking to CXOtoday, Ashok Kumar Manoli, principal secretary IT, BT & Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka said, “Without doubt, nanotechnology is making rapid advances in the IT industry since IT is one of the defining features of today’s world. Nano has made advances in IT even if it is not directly related.”

Recently, IBM researchers have created transistors out of carbon nanotubes that can outperform similar silicon transistors, a development that helps build the case that carbon may one day become a building block of computing.

IBM researchers have outlined how transistors made of carbon nanotubes — long, thin strands of carbon molecules — delivered more than twice the amount of electrical current at a faster rate than cutting-edge transistors made from silicon and metal, the basis for chips today. Likewise, Samsung, the world’s leading electronics major, has added carbon nanotubes to LCD screens. Reports indicate that Samsung has been showing off its technology, which uses carbon nanotubes to drop the cost and increase the performance of LCD screens.

According to Masum Khan, product manager of Tesscorn, a leading company in customized equipments for nano research said, “Samsung research institutes have developed a 15-inch prototype LCD screen that employs an array of carbon nanotubes. The nanotubes are used instead of conventional light sources, such as bulbs or light-emitting diodes.” Khan said that telly technologies would lower the cost of LCD TVs in the coming years.

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