WiMAX Steps Forward in India

by CXOtoday Staff    Feb 22, 2007

C-Dot Alcatel-Lucent Research Centre (CARC), in Chennai, has successfully completed the country’s first live WiMAX IEEE 802.16e-2005 (also called Rev-e) field trial using Aircel’s licensed spectrum. The technology is now ready for commercial deployment.

An Alcatel-Lucent statement said the trials were conducted using the 2.5GHz band and successfully demonstrated applications in moving conditions such as video streaming, high-speed file downloads, Voice over IP (VoIP) and Web browsing.

Ravi Sharma, president, Alcatel-Lucent, South Asia, stated: “Alcatel-Lucent and Aircel both see WiMAX Rev-e as a revolutionary broadband access technology. WiMAX has the potential to provide India with widespread broadband access that can usher in economic growth, better education, healthcare and improved entertainment services.”

Patrick Veron, CEO, C-DOT Alcatel-Lucent Research Centre, “This technology enables the subscribers in urban and rural areas to enjoy wireless broadband access services any time, any where.”

According to Jagdish Kini, group chief executive officer, Aircel, “WiMAX technology is likely to become a widely used high-speed Internet access technology like DSL and cable modem access. Alcatel-Lucent’s WiMAX solutions and their capability to offer higher throughput are poised to address service providers’ challenges to offer reliable and affordable broadband services bundled with VoIP.”

Aircel had already enabled wireless connectivity for several SME and Enterprise clients through WiMAX based on 802.16d standard at a speed range of 2 to 10 Mbps and thereby, helping the end user to stay connected to the Internet and Intranet with high uptime. This standard uses NLOS wherein the customer premises equipment (CPE) does not have to face the base station.

The successfully tried 802.16e standard will be even capable of mobile Internet.

Aircel had launched WiMAX-based on 802.16d standard services in Chennai, during October 2006, and in Bangalore during January 2007. It had also deployed WiMAX networks with limited coverage in many prominent cities such as Coimbatore, Pune, Delhi, Cochin & Ahmedabad and soon will be providing pan-city coverage at these locations in a phased manner.