Windows Vista RC 1 Available

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 04, 2006

Microsoft Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 (RC 1) is now available for participants of its Tech Beta program.

Microsoft has invited outside software testers who have access to the Microsoft Connect Website and are part of Vista beta program, to try RC 1. It is the near-final version of its first new desktop computer - operating system out in the market since 2001.

Although the company earlier delayed the release date of Vista, but now aims to get the operating system to large business customers in November and everyone else in January.

“We’ve made some (user interface) adjustments, added more device drivers, and enhanced performance,” said Jim Allchin, Co-President, Windows Division detailing improvements in Windows Vista RC 1 since Beta 2.

The company added that RC 1 is mature enough for software developers for using as an updated platform for Vista-ready applications. The feedback received on the release will decide whether the company needs to release candidate versions in the coming months.

Windows Vista is expected to start shipping for customers in January 30, 2007. The release can be possibly delayed if they face major problems in the release candidate editions.