Wipro Lighting, PureLiFi Partner For LiFi Adoption In Asia

by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 13, 2017


Wipro Lighting, part of Wipro Enterprises (P) Limited has concluded an agreement with pureLiFi provider of LiFi technology and commercialization, to harness their LiFi technology to develop applications for the wireless communications and lighting market in Asia.

According to a recent report, there ought to be 10 billion mobile devices connected to the internet, who would be exchanging an approximate 35 quintillion bytes of data each month. This being just the mobile devices, there is plenty of factoring to do for traditional computers, big data servers, and IoT devices, who too will be exchanging data is gigantic proportions, thus laying out the magnitude of the issues lying.

One of the main issues obviously, is handling the data, by way of networks, especially being able to efficiently transmit the high data volumes at a near faster than real-time speeds. That discovery is what is being called the ‘Li-Fi’ (Light Fidelity), a new data transmission method 100 times faster than the traditional Wi-Fi. What makes it easy to use, is that it requires the turning on a light.

Wipro Lighting will now kick-start efforts to add a new LiFi lighting concepts to their portfolio of innovative products with the help of pureLiFi. 

“As a leader in LED lighting solutions, we need to ensure we are providing our customers with the gold standard in lighting innovation. Our partnership with pureLiFi will provide the technology that will ensure we are at the cutting edge of the LiFi technology revolution,” said Anuj Dhir, Vice President & Business Head, Commercial Lighting Business of Wipro.

LiFi is high-speed bi-directional fully networked, wireless communications using visible light rather than radio frequencies. LiFi can offer significantly greater security, data rates, and densities to support more robust and reliable wireless networks that complement and enhance existing cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

“Working with LED lighting forerunners like Wipro will help us bring LiFi to life in Asia and drive a new wave of connectivity that can offer unprecedented data and bandwidth,” saidHarald Burchardt, Chief Commercial Officer of pureLiFi.

Each year the world utilizes 60 percent more wireless data than the previous one, and the number of connected devices such as mobile phones and smart devices is growing exponentially, likely to be in excess of 50 billion by 2020. If internet users are going to continue to live in the wireless cloud with wearables, virtual reality and in a fully connected worldwe need new wireless technology such as LiFi to realize this future, said the company in a statement.