Wipro Allies With Specialists To Combat Cyber Threats

by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 13, 2016

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With cyber-attacks becoming a primary concern for businesses in recent years, the need for total security for data and IT infrastructure is growing. Wipro is partnering with a number of specialist companies to tackle this menace.

Wipro’s ‘Threat Intelligence as a Service’ offering already delivers in-depth analysis of cyber threats originating from in-house sources and third-party sources or threat actors and provides enterprises with accurate cyber intelligence and incident mitigation strategies. India’s third largest IT services firm has recently partnered with Silicon Valley based cyber security firm, Vectra Networks and Israel-based IntSights Cyber Intelligence to bolster and expand its ‘Threat Intelligence as- a- Service offering.’

Sheetal Mehta, Vice President & Global Head, Cybersecurity & Risk Services, Wipro Limited said, “Wipro’s ‘Threat Intelligence as a Service’, aims to provide enterprises with targeted information centered around analytics, categorization and prioritization of cyber threats in real-time using proprietary data mining algorithms and unique machine learning techniques, apart from incident response and remediation capabilities.”

According to a media report, Intsights has developed a sophisticated cyber threat intelligence platform which provides advance warning and customized insights about potential cyberattacks and recommends remedial action. The company monitors the open, deep and dark web, including and social media platforms for signs of targeted threats against enterprises and provides alerts in near real-time to enable timely response and mitigation.

“IntSights’ threat intelligence platform provides MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) with a powerful automated solution that collects, analyzes and remediates cyber threats for our customers,” said Guy Nizan, CEO and Co-Founder, IntSights. 

“Our partnership with Wipro will allow their analysts to focus their efforts toward investigating and researching threats, instead of deflecting time and resources to monitor a huge amount of sources and analyze irrelevant data.”

Likewise, Wipro’s ‘Threat Hunting as- a- Service’ offering, powered by Vectra Networks, provides enterprises with an automated threat hunting platform for real-time detection of threats. Wipro’s offering complements the Vectra platform with comprehensive ‘Threat Life Cycle Management Capabilities and Services’ to the enterprise.

Wipro will be offering this service round-the-clock, from its Cyber Defense Centers spread across the world, including Georgia and Texas, USA, Mississauga, Canada, Warsaw, Poland and multiple centers in India. The partnership will also allow Wipro to leverage the Vectra automated threat management platform built with artificial intelligence-based on machine learning and behavioral analytics to detect attacker behaviors and user anomalies in the network. 



Hiral Chandrana, the Senior Vice-President and Global Head, Business Applications, Cybersecurity and Risk Services at Wipro, said “Threat Hunting as- a- Service’ combines the best of next-gen technology from Vectra Networks and managed services from Wipro. This service, which is part of Wipro’s Cyber Defense Platform, is key to our strategy to meet the cyber threat management demands of enterprises, worldwide.”  

“Many organizations already leverage Wipro’s managed security services as a natural extension of their IT organization,” said Hitesh Sheth, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Vectra Networks. “Our partnership with Wipro will fast-track our global footprint and significantly increase our ability to address the security and service needs of large enterprises. Using the Vectra automated threat management platform, Wipro will deliver the industry’s first ‘Threat Hunting-as -a –Service’ that leverages artificial intelligence based on machine learning and behavioral analytics.”

According to Gartner, most enterprises have limited capabilities to detect and respond to breaches when they inevitably occur, resulting in longer ‘dwell times’ and increased damage. Organizations these days incur significant fines because they do not have adequate solutions to detect breaches or cannot contain them in a reasonable period. Gartner had also mentioned that by 2020, 60 per cent of enterprise information security budgets will be allocated to rapid detection and response approaches, up from less than 10 per cent in 2014.  

As threats became more intelligent and sophisticated, traditional security solutions will become inadequate over time because they will continue to make snap judgments based on incomplete information.